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Yulya Vasilyevskaya


City: Moscow

YULIAWAVE— modern Russian brand, which took its roots in 2014 and thoroughly consolidated its foundation of recognition in 2016.

Our brand is a modern lifestyle in outerwear, having its own character and spirit of freedom.

Our goal is respect for everyday clothes, we use all the possibilities to meet the spirit of the times and the views of the modern consumer, who is our like-minded person. Going beyond, destroying the canons and the usual time constraints, the designer is not afraid to take risks, but his main secret of success is his love of urban chic and the confidence of his intuition.

We developed our individuality, where rigor borders on absolute freedom, which is expressed in tomboy style, a bit of authentic vintage spirit and street fashion casualness - this is the brand philosophy.



Designer: Yulya Vasilyevskaya 

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