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Tess Feuilhade

An internationally published fashion photographer based in Paris Fashion District. Tess Feuilhade was born in Paris in 1977. Earned a degree in Graphic arts from Ecole Superieure d'Arts Graphiques University (E.S.A.G.) in Paris in 1999.

By the age of twenty-two, He had moved to New York and began assisting photographers like mickael Delew, Peter Wellington …. At the age of 25 began an independent photographer’s career in New York. Work continued in Milan and Paris then in Tokyo, Japan. In 2005 returned to Paris and continued a successful career in fashion photography.

Most work experience is concerning Couture editorial series (Cosmopolitan, Vogues, LAG , Harper’s Bazaar…). Has worked with such couture designers as Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Chanel, Celine…). During the period in Paris immersed himself in the digital world and the result is a state-of-the art. While still shooting traditional film on location, Tess has up-to-the minute knowledge of digital workflow.


Photo: Tess Feuilhade

Magazine:  Numérorussia 54

Work: Cosmic Cowboy

Model: Karlina Caune

Futuristic Odyssey_.jpg

Photo: Tess Feuilhade

Magazine: Númerorussia 53

Work: Futuristic Odyssey

Model: Sophie Kern

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