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Italian pro photographer published in several magazines and webzines such as Vogue Italia and Donna Moderna (Ita), Elegant (Gbr), Elléments (Us), Picton (Ger), Eclair, Fienfh, Moevir (Fra), Ultimate Trendy Magazine (Us), Gmaro (Us-Ru), Marika (Us), Neah Magazine (Nz), Volant (Ger), Chovain (Can), ASC New York Fashion Week Magazine (Us), Vir Mag (Rus), Rebel (Us), Beauty Models Magazine (Fin), Interfashional (Can), Feroce (Sco), Offtown (Us), A.F.M. (Us), Lyun Magazine (Us), and many others.

Recently, a Street Photography work of mine was exhibited at the Valid World Hall in Barcelona, ​​enjoying considerable public acclaim.

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