Join date: Nov 8, 2021


It's a pleasure to introduce myself on your site as Photo/Video project producer from Moscow, art director and stylist with overall experience of 10 years in this field. I'm fond of conceptual fashion stories, starting now working with brands for look books, also doing my own creative projects and clients shoots. However, I took up all this long time ago when I started to pose for photographers myself. Considering all above, I can say that I'm very well aware of objectives and details important for each participant of the Team. So, I build strong teams, do art direction, casting, sometimes style and props and perform as creative and line producer at the location as well. Recently I've begun to cooperate with musicians, actors and other media people to produce image content for them. My passion is to connect all kinds of arts, be open-minded and combine various style directions in my works in order to express the principal project idea and reach Beauty and Integrity. I'm also planning to study for becoming a film director/producer. I would be really glad to join any of your projects and bring my skills and expertise there.


Daria Vasilyeva

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