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BEAUTY EXPERT Yuriy Stolyarov

– Yuriy, how did you come into beauty-industry? How did you journey start? – I started my journey more that 20 years ago. Firstly I worked as a beauty-consultant, than I became a make-up artist.

– As a professional make-up artist, what are 3 main advices you would give to starting make-up artists?

– Be attentive to details. Sometimes this is the most important. The second point – love people, that you work with. The third point – never stop learning and never show o .

– What beauty-industry is expected in near future?

– Naturalness will be in trend in the near future. It’s driven by arrival of products, that perfectly mix with natural colors and emphasize the natural beauty. One more trend will be colorful eyeliners and not usual forms of colorful eye make up – themed on «Euphoria». Again on trend is lip glosses – that’s why I’m sure about unusual variations of glitter make-up. So, there will be extremes: from total naturalness to elements of art in the make-up.

– What is out of fashion? What should we forget about in make up?

– Forget about strong and huge eyebrows and solid face make up.

– What will be the make-up of 2020

– In 2020 I think will be unusual colorful eye make- up. Probably, exotic wings and water-color make-up. However, naturalness trend is the major.

– How to emphasize sexuality in make-up?

– Sexy woman is the woman who let herself be beautiful and desired. About make-up, it can be emphasized through bright elements and water textures. For example, you can make your lips look bigger, thus make their shape sharp – and it can be the only thing in the make-up. Moreover, nude make-up can be super sexy.