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Yulia Zivert

The sexiest modern woman has good manners, beautiful habits, correct speech, a brilliant mind, a sparkling sense of humor, harmony inside and in business. She is a self-su cient, easily its through life, with a smile and always remains a little naive child, who believes in miracles.

My style is very multifaceted, because it fully re ects my inner world, where a large number of completely di erent women get along. I organically feel both in the image of a sophisticated lady, in an elegant hat, gloves to the elbow and in a baggy, oversized tracksuit.

I like to mix these di erent people together and under a gorgeous evening dress, I prefer some strange bunch – an antenna, rather than an evening styling. If you try to summarize all this, then I’m probably such a lady – a hooligan with a vintage sauce. Appearance, style, image – this is one of the main ways of expressing oneself, especially when in our world people are used to “meeting by clothes”. Own style – wealth and colors of the inner world of everyone. Therefore, if you still don’t know how to express your inner through the external – be inspired by books, beautiful lms, their heroes, art. Look for yourself inside, don’t be afraid to experiment, adding a little new elements to your familiar image. And most importantly – be yourself, because it isn’t clothing that adorns a person, but quite the opposite. And I ask you to wear a smile as often as possible, it is always stylish.

I’ve never been a racer for fashion and trends, and if I notice a clear trend in some season, which fastly becomes an integral part of the wardrobe of the female population, I will never wear it. Also, I have never been in pursuit of the authenticity of these things, because the main thing is that you yourself are not a fake. But since today it happened that I did look at the trends of the SS2020, then I am delighted with masculine costumes with vests. I think, that everything masculine looks incredibly sexy on a woman. Black and white tartan, I love a strict plaid and, of course, T-shirts – alcoholics in evening out ts – my favorite hooligan touch forever.

Sexuality in these trends is di erent, so to speak for an amateur. Starting from very bold, frank, expressed through transparent combinations or such kind of costumes of a cat-woman, made in the most catchy textures, ending with men’s suits in triples and huge black trench, which is closer to me. I am a fan of hidden, mysterious sexuality, but this does not at all imply a complete rejection of the opposite. After all, the most important thing is how a woman feels in this.