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NUMÉRO PLACES Torre Di Moravola

A retreat created from a medieval watchtower located on a mountainside overlooking the Carpini valley in Umbria, Italy.

Outbuildings, gardens, terraces and a 25-meter infinity pool are lined up with a tower axis to maximize the spectacular views of the secluded valleys, creating the feeling that you are detached from the modern world.

Torre Di Moravola is there, where there is nothing that could disturb you. Homely, casual and informal atmosphere, nature and spectacular views. Hills, several villages perched on tops, rare tourists and farms. It is a quiet, tranquil Italy with horses, ringing bells and a protected area. Here hunting is forbidden, and therefore, going out for a walk in the early morning, you can easily catch a deer or a pair of hares. This is a medieval watchtower, one of those from where they sent with fire and light signals to the next tower so that the news quickly flew from Rome to, say, Ravenna.

Traveling around the country, you will see many such structures, but Torre di Moravola is distinguished by their location - the top of the hill, next to which no asphalt road passes, absolute silence, stunning views and lots of corners where you can retire.

The owners of the hotel - Sean and Chris, having arrived at the tower for the first time - saw only a couple of wooden surfaces, several trees and singing birds ..- They decided to create something of their own and something special. As a result, it turned out a place in which you fall in love at first sight.