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TOP MODEL Vita Sidorkina

I believe that in general you should not regret anything,

everything is going exactly as it should.

– Vita, tell us about the project for Numero Russia.

– It was Greg's idea. He wanted to combine a large number of colors and textures, focus on me. Still, it was a beauty shoot.

– Becoming a model was a dream or an accident?

– First of all, it was an accident. I was 13 years old when I went to the modeling school for the company with a friend. I hadn’t realized that this would become my life back then. It became a dream later.

– You dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. Do you regret that you never realized your dream?

– My biggest dream was traveling. It seemed to me that a stewardess job would help me to see the world. Also, my uncle was a pilot. I watched him and listened to stories about his travels and the colors of different countries. I think it was him who inspired me and influenced the formation of such a dream. But in the end, my life turned out differently, and I do not regret anything. I believe that in general you should not regret anything, everything is going exactly as it should.

– How did your parents feel about choosing a profession of model and traveling abroad to work at such an early age?

– My dad is a very ambitious person. In the past he was an athlete but his career did not work out in the end. I think he understood and supported me owing to these circumstances. It was more difficult for my mother. I was only 13 years old. Mum wildly worried about me and my education. But after the first two trips when I began to show a good result my mother softened a little but took a promise from me that I will finish school. In the end, it happened. I graduated

from school, gave a certificate to my mom, packed my suitcase, left for America and never returned.

– Your path to success. Was it hard? What sacrifices did you have to make?

– You know, there were enough difficulties and rejections in my career. When I got into my first mother agency in Moscow I was immediately warned that I cannot count on trips to Europe and America with my hight. Asia only. Of course this is a big blow to ambitions. But there were no options, I agreed. After a couple of years working in Asia, I flew to Moscow to shoot and quite accidentally got on casting for the New York agency. Not as a model, as a spectator if you

might say so. So they noticed me. A few days later my booker called me and said that only me was taken from this casting. After a while in America I started my way to Victoria’s Secret, and it was also not easy – changing agency, training, diets. I have a slight predisposition to be overweight. There were times when this led me to problems at work. It was very difficult psychologically. When you realize that you have to lose weight it becomes several times more difficult to do it.

– Three main rules of the model?

– The first and the most important rule is to be yourself. The second rule is to be punctual. The third rule I would call is the correct attitude to money. I know a lot of stories when girls left with nothing finishing the modeling career.

– What stereotype about models can you confirm and which one can you dispel?

– I think that models are very insecure people. We're too focused on appearance because it is our working tool. The most beautiful girls I have met in my life have been the most insecure of themselves. I would like to dispel the stereotype that all models are stupid.

– Not so long ago, you gave birth to a daughter. Tell us something about her.

– Yes. Her name is Allegra. She is 21 months old now and this is a very difficult age. She grows up and her opinion on everything appears. Now she wants to choose what she will wear, what she will eat, and if our opinions differ from her then sometimes it becomes a problem.

– Your husband Valerio is Italian. How do you think Italian dads differ from Russian dads?

– I traveled a lot and observed the mentality of men in different countries. You know, I can say that Russian and Italian dads are very similar. For most Italian men, just like ours, the main priority is family. Distribution responsibilities within the family are also very similar – mom takes care of the family and home, dad works. For example, in America I often observe that american

women want to work on a level with men. American dads want to be on a level with moms – change diapers, feed, put to bed. In Italy things are different. Mum fully engaged in the child, leads to the pediatrician ... dad does not even know the address of the pediatrician.

Everything is like in Russia.

– How do you manage to combine work and family?

– I think every mother will understand me. It's hard psychologically. I feel guilty every time I leave for work. In this regard, the recent quarantine was beneficial to all of us. I wanted to spend enough time with my husband and child for so long.

– What career break did you have to take for your family?

– One year and a half.

– You go back at 26. Is there ageism in the modeling business?

– It seems to me not. When I started my career everything was different. I think it all depends on the model. Not a long time ago I worked for the last issue of “Sport Illustrated” and in the same issue was material about the oldest model that this edition has ever published. This model is 60 years old. But I probably couldn't do that.

– Are you planning to do something else besides modeling?

– Yes, I have already started my project. This is a vegetarian ice cream company in America. Now we have some difficulties due to quarantine, many cafes are still closed.

But I am not discouraged, the quarantine will definitely end and everything will be fine.

– Where do you find inspiration for your work?

– My motivation now is my daughter. She inspires me to work and succeed. I really want to give her a good example, to show her that the possibilities of a woman are endless. Each of us can be at the same time a wonderful mother, wife and a successful self-sufficient person. When I was growing up everyone said that the main thing for a woman is to get married. I would like

to show Allegra in my example that it is not.

– Have you heard about the emergence of virtual models? What do you think about it?

– Yes, they appeared a long time ago. As I understand, during self-isolation this topic became even more popular. I have a twofold attitude towards virtual models. With one hand, I understand employers. This is a good marketing ploy, this is saving nerves and funds. They