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TOP MODEL Valentina Sampaio

Valentina, it’s a big honor to have you as our women-empowerment issue model! You are an extraordinary person and your are true inspiration for models of all genders and nationalities!

– What diffi culties of modeling did you encounter at the start of your career?

–At the beginning it was very diffi cult I was canceled from many jobs just for being who I am and Today we still suff er prejudice, let’s say that it is the price we have to pay because we do not fi t the standards.

– How do you fi ght them?

– I just didn’t down my head and I found the strength inside me to be stronger than anything else. I believe in myself and in Love.

– You once said in an interview that it is important for you to break down the barriers of prejudice. What could be the next step to your goal?

– Let’s say that this process is still at the beginning so there is a lot more to do as there is still a lot of prejudice to break down.

– How do you perceive criticism?

– Independently the good or bad feedbacks I receive I’m always trying to evolve and to learn something more.

– How often do you run into rights abuses? Is it mostly because from men’s or from women’s sides?

– I think I’m a lucky person to be where I am today and frankly speaking I do not suffer them that much but unfortunately the reality for most of us «trans» is much more difficult than mine. Even

if in the fashion bizz I still do suffer prejudice I consider myself a privileged, because many of us do not have that support that I have or no support at all and it breaks my heart, because it is not easy to face life out there when you do not fit the «patterns» that society considers to be the standards.

– Why did you decide to become a model?

– I’ve always been in love with the Fashion, the art and architecture universe and I attended a

fashion school at college so I could get more knowledge about the fashion world. In this fashion school they offered me some small jobs as model and even if it was not that easy due to the prejudice didn’t give up and I saw it also as an opportunity to fight, both for myself and for the people who, like me suffered prejudice, for being who you are.

– What would you advise for models, who are just starting their career?

– What I can say to them is to s be strength, focused, to believe in themself and never give up, this job can be really stressful especially for your mind, and also to do it with much passion as possible, it always helps!

– You have made a huge contribution to the world history of LGBT society. Fashion industry is the only area where your followers can feel confident?

– I think that in the fashion world things can flow a little more freely and we are moving forward

even in small steps I really hope that in the near future this will be no longer a taboo or a news .

Opportunities exist equal for everyone in every workplace. We don’t have to let that anybody shall be limited in his job opportunities just for being himself.

– Do you consider yourself an example to follow? Why?

– Well I am still so young that I’m not sure that I can be considered an example yet. To be an example in my opinion it requires to be a more mature and experienced woman. What I can say is that maybe a lot of youngs look at me as an inspiration and for sure I’m honored of that, I’m just trying to do my best in my job as in my life.

– What personal features do you need to have in order not to lose self-control in the fashion business?

– For sure in this job you must have a lot of patience as it is really hectic and you always have to be focused, because you never know what is going to happen until it happens (Lol):

– Who inspires you the most?

– My mother for sure! She is my greatest example and motivation.

– What are your favorite female literary characters?What their character traits would you like to have?

– It is Gabriela, clove and cinnamon by Jorge Amado. This is one of the most popular characters in Brazilian literature. Gabriela is the embodiment of the changes that shocked the traditionally patriarchal and archaic society of that time. The character represented the opposite of what

was socially expected of a woman at the time the novel was written because she had a very strong personality, bold and with a sense of fairness. Gabriela is also described as a humble girl, in simple and naive ways, but owner of an incomparable beauty and sensuality.

– What qualities do you think needs to have a modern woman?

– I think that the modern woman must have personality and femininity.

– Share with us one of the best moments in your life!

– The best moments of my life are when I am with my family from which I learned how valuable and precious those moments are. Due to my job I travel a lot and I can’t see them as often.

– If you wanted to change something in this world, what would it be?

– I would like more love and respect for each others in this world full of hate. I hope to make it better with my small and humble contribution.