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TOP MODEL Sara Sampaio

Social Media is a super curated group of pics, that doesn't show what real life actually is!

– It’s a pleasure to have you with us for this cover story Sara. Do you count your covers? And what meaning do they have for you?

– I definitely used to count my covers, but I kinda lost count a few years ago. I now know how many I do a year! Haha. But covers are always something special do be on as a model. To represent the magazine during a month is always a great honor!

– In a world nowadays led by social media, do you feel the responsibility to embrace positive values when you post on your profile?

– Yes I think we all do! But in the end of the day I can’t be too stuck on that, cause it’s still my life

and I’m not perfect, and I’m just a woman trying to figure out her life. Social media it’s not real life, and you only get to see a very small percentage of my life and the part of myself I want you to see. It’s important for me to keep certain things to myself and loved ones.

– In which way social media and digital development have changed your life?

– It has given me a voice to talk about subjects I’m passionate about, it also keeps me connected with my fans, it’s truly amazing to get to know them a little better. Social media has given models back their voices, and it’s been at a certain extent great for the industry. But like everything, social media has its disadvantages and if you are not careful with it, it can really become a negative aspect in your life, it can lead to depression anxiety, etc, so it’s important to just look at social media for what it is, a super curated group of pics, that doesn’t show

what real life actually is!

– Let’s go personal: what makes you emotional in terms of joy, and in terms of sadness?

– I’m a very emotional person, so I really feel everything very intensely. Being around my loved

ones is really what makes me the happiest. And sadness we all feel it, especially with what’s going on in the world right now, it’s just so sad to see the all world filled with so much terror and hatred.