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TOP MODEL Georgia Fowler

The biggest positive of social media is that it can be used as a platform for anyone to show their work and views.

– Are you a proponent for social media? If so, what do you believe the benefits are? If not, what do you believe the negative effects are? Do you think there are both pros and cons to social media?

– I think the biggest positive of social media is that it can be used as a platform for anyone to

show case their work, and views. For example, it has become a lot easier for photographers to

show their portfolio on their pages and therefore be booked maybe without even having an agency- same goes for models, and many other professions. There are however, negatives. The

biggest for me is trying to manage expectations and not compare yourself to others. We must

remember that usually people are not posting the low times, and therefore instagram is a not always a true portrayal, but should be thought of as more of a fantasy. I do wish we all put our heads up a little more and enjoy the moment rather than living it through a device, so I challenge you to try to be in the moment.

– Do you think that fashion (magazines, campaigns, editorials) are more successful

online rather than in print? What are your views on web magazines and how fashion brands use social media? What is your favorite type of social media? (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

– I love instagram for show casing my work, and parts of my life I choose to share- which trust me is not all.

– You participated in a French Travel Diary for Vogue Australia, where you gave your tips for a successful trip to Paris. How was this experience for you? Would you do another Travel Diary?

– Sure, I’m always up for exploring new places.

– Have you always been interested in modeling and fashion?

– My older sister was much more into fashion than I was growing up, however, I was scouted at such a young age and began traveling at sixteen years old to work and have been ensconced since. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

– As a worldwide model, you travel frequently. Where is your favorite location to travel to?

– Home. Because I travel so much, the place I am always most excited to visit is home to ground

myself with my friends and family.

– You are so fit and healthy, what are your top health tips?

– Listen to your body, move and mix up your training routines, eat whole foods, and get as much

rest as possible.

– You have great energy on set and on the runway. What are your tips to stay energized and productive throughout the day?

– It helps when you love your job. I had so much fun on set with Numero shooting this story and

loved playing this wild character, so it was easy to stay energized and excited on set. Same goes for catwalk. I’m living the dream when I’m up there so the energy comes naturally.

– The world is crying for your home country of New Zealand currently. Do you wish to speak about the tragic shooting that happened recently?

– I’m so devastated by the tragedy in New Zealand-I have been at a lack of words. It is definitely a

shock to everyone that such an act of horrifying violence happen in a country that prides itself on

its multicultural and peaceful nature. My heart is broken for those affected, for New Zealand,

and anybody or anyone who was made to feel unwelcome in this world. There is no place for

hate or racism in this world, only love, support and understanding will heal.