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TOP MODEL Devon Windsor

Real communication is the most still important! Social nets – is important, but there is an other side of the medal.

– You have 1.6 million followers on Instagram. How does this impact your life? Do you feel your page shows your personality?

– Social media has definitely become like an addition to my job. Instagram, and social media in general, has changed the modeling industry a great deal. Which means it’s changed my life. I love to connect and share with fans a snapshot into my life. It has also become a way for you to be discovered and even for clients to see if you match their needs for a runway or campaign. I try

to show my personality as much as possible. I feel most comfortable on my stories because I feel like I can be myself and joke around, versus an actual post which is more permanent and thought out.

– What is your favorite social network and why?

– My favorite social network is definitely instagram. Although at times it can be extremely addictive, it is the easiest way for me to share and express myself. Especially if I am making stories throughout the day, and documenting my life! I feel most connected to my followers in my stories.

– Tell us about your YouTube Chanel.

– I started my YouTube channel around a year ago because I felt like I didn’t get a chance to show and share everything that I wanted with my fans! You-Tube has given me a chance to get into more detail about my workouts, my regimens, diet and passion for cooking! People can get more of a sense of my personality through my YouTube channel! It still amazes me that people actually tune-in to watch and are interested! I’m really lucky to have an amazing fan base!

– Is real communication between people still important?

– It’s the most important! I think social media is great, but there’s a lot of downsides. It can cause

depression, anxiety, loneliness, and the fact you’re constantly comparing your life to what others are doing, can be unhealthy! I firmly believe that you still need to go out and live your life in real time. Seek out connections with real people in real time. I think points get lost through digital communication, there is a lot of misunderstandings and there’s no better way to explain how you feel, than in person!

– What do you think about virtual modeling and virtual fashion shows? Will they ultimately end up replacing the real experience?

– I think we may possibly go through a small phase of virtual modeling, but to me, there’s no way to recreate how a person can model a garment, or walk a runway. It’s a vibe, and a feeling. I think people will always be more drawn to the real-ness of a person.

– Let’s talk about you - what is your biggest dream? What was the biggest achievement?

– My biggest dream is to expand my career and build my brand in as many directions as possible

while also maintaining a healthy family-life balance. I want to model, but I also want to be a business-woman. I want to grow and create my own brand.

My biggest achievement thus far, or my favorite moment in my career has been walking in the Victoria’s Secret show 6 times in a row. But I am about to launch something that I am very excited about, and I think that may become my biggest achievement!

– What is your wishes for the Numero team?

– Numero was one if the first fashion magazines I ever shot for, I love it! I enjoy reading their magazine and wish them continued success!!