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TOP MODEL Blanca Padilla


– Blanca, what is beauty for you?

– To be bold and authentic. To be brave enough to find yourself and stick to it.

– Now you are working and studying at the same time, what was your dream career when you were a child?

– I’ve always loved people and felt dragged towards what moved them, asking myself questions about how could I help and understand others, and what’s behind our behaviors and patterns. Maybe I should’ve studied something psychology related, but I’ve always loved to write as well, to communicate. I love words. So I went for advertising and public relations. Now I also love nutrition which I’ve discovered as my passion thanks to modeling and having to learn how to take care of my body in the best way possible.

– You tried yourself as an actress in Mark Anthony music video. How does the model’s work differ from an actress’s?

– It’s different, a way more challenging field for me. I admire all actors and actresses and don’t think it’s easy. It’s something I want to explore when I feel ready but as an emotional and sensitive person it’s definitely challenging.

– What inspires you?

– People, nature, my own experiences, the stories I hear, and small everyday things that we often don’t even notice.

– What motivates you?

– My surroundings and myself. I’ve always been good about motivating myself because I’m ambitious.

– In 2014, you were a participant in the show of the show Armed Forces, tell us how does it feel to be among the most successful women in the fashion world?

– The way my career started is kind of surreal and despite all the up and downs you experience as a model, I swear it’s only now that I’m starting to truly internalize my life during the past 6 years. Isn’t that crazy? It’s only now that I’m going through all my experiences from a place of growth, serenity and compassion, understanding what has really happened and how I want to continue manifesting it. Understanding what do I want to keep, what do I want to discard and what do I want to discover next, from a very different place that only my past experiences, the good and the bad, have given me. And I’m grateful for that and for whatever is to come. I finully trust life and i am fully undertands that it’s mine. I love seeing that I keep learning everyday. And I love seeing that I keep learning everyday.

– Is there a friendship among the models?

– Of course there is! I believe you can find genuine people in any field. It’s true that I don’t have a lot, but today I can say some of my closest friends are in fashion as well.

– What does family mean for you?

– It means everything. My roots are everything to me. I know I’m the person I am today because of how they raised me. They are my greatest pillars in life. I would do anything for them. To see them proud is the best feeling in the world because they have supported me all the way without hesitation. But always told me what I needed to hear. I’m lucky to have their honest opinion and unconditional love no matter what. My mum has the kindest and most generous spirit, and my dad is the most genuine, hardworking and clever person I know. My little brother is a special one too. You really value them in a different way when you’re so far away.

– What is the most difficult part of being a model for you?

– Probably the mental game. You have to always be ready for anything, as it’s a very uncertain industry. There is a lack of balance and stability just because that is the essence of the industry. To change. But I’ve learned that having good guidance, a strong team to support you and push your limits can change the whole game. It’s been tough at times but I don’t regret a thing because it has made me stronger. And I know there is so much more to come!

– Now feminism is being actively discussed in the world, what is your opinion about the role of women in modern society?

– I remember since I was a little girl it would always trigger me to think about how unfair the gender identities and roles were. As I grew older, I understood how complex this really is and how many incredible women have acted bravely throughout the years, even in times when that wasn’t even a possibility, fighting for a brighter future. I’m so happy to see many changes happening today, starting with how we finally feel capable of speaking our truth, standing up for ourselves regarding abuse or demanding gender equality in work and in life. But the truth is there’s so much left to do. We have to truly establish and maintain all these principles. We don’t want a bunch of superficial changes that won’t last or a trend that will fade away. We want to make real changes in the society we live in.

– Have you ever felt a discrimination in the model business?

– I have in fact, and not only because I’m a woman. It can be challenging to be considered more than a face and body posing in front of a camera. This is changing as well, and I’m seeing a lot of badass models break that stigma. It has been always so crucial to me to continue nurturing my brain in different ways, studying or reading about what I’m interested in or trying to learn about the people I meet on set, what they do and why they do what they do. And because of this discrimination that always comes from judgement, I truly admire and respect all those models out there creating their own businesses, putting so much effort into following the dreams they’ve always had or studying their own careers becoming who they want to become on top of modeling. But it is a great career, I feel very lucky to be able to do what I do.

– Your personal record is 86 defiles per month, how do you recover, share with us your secret?

– I haven’t done a full fashion week in a while but I can tell you it’s very depleting. I’d say booking off for a few days and dedicate it to yourself: quality time with family or your favorite people, massages, spas, lots of sleep, some good exercise, journaling, sharing, meditating... all these things that help you refuel your soul and come back to your center after such craziness.

– You are the muse of the art director of Givenchy Nicolas Dezhenn, how do you manage to keep your skin in perfect state? What advice can you give?

– I love Nicolas. My skin definitely goes through different states depending on my mood, where I

am in the world (weather, water, air quality...), the rest I’m getting, etc. But I like to experiment with new products, there is just so much in the market. My advice would be cleansing morning and night because it’s so important. Our skin is exposed to so much toxicity during the day, so the nighttime routine is imperative. But during the night our pores are also releasing, sometimes we sweat, etc., so cleansing in the morning is also recommended. Once I established a cleansing routine + good moisturizing products, I could definitely see the change.

– Who is your closest friend?

– I have close friends from very different environments. I have very old friends but also newer

ones that play an important role in my life. My oldest friend is Natalia and we’ve been friends since we were 7. I keep my circle small and ensure all my friendships inside or outside fashion are bringing beautiful things into my life.

– What would you wish for Numero Russia?

– I had so much fun in the shoot. I wish you guys all the success as I love written media. Oh! I also hope that you’ll get involved and share more about.