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TOP MODEL Alessandra Ambrosio

It doesn’t matter how big or small the job is, you should always treat it all the same. It is a very important message: I’m a portrait of this job, so I should choose the job that I believe in.


 – In your practice as a businesswoman, have you ever had ethical dilemmas?

– We try to be sustainable and to make no waste. Even with our package we try to save our environment: we try not to use plastic. When we ship things we pack them in a box, not using the plastic. If it’s possible, we reuse something. We try to help forward the planet and be more sustainable. Giving this massage to the community through our production is very important. And giving back to the people is also important. We also make some charities. We are trying to help as much as we can.

– You have a large audience on social media. First of all, what are you trying to project on Instagram and why do you think your followers value your content?

– I just try to stay real. My social media is about my life and my career. It is my voice to speak about many things. For example, I work as an ambassador for a charity environmental project. So I help people and educate them and tell them about the situation in the world, especially about oceans and pollution. I try to show that part of me, caring about the world. I also show a little bit of my life: my business and take care of my kids. I try to be myself, give my opinion and not to create a lot of dilemmas.

– You dedicate a lot of your content to beauty. Is there an ethical message that you want to share with it?

– I have the message to be good to yourself like to take care and show love to yourself. I love waking up and meditating or doing some yoga and having my time for myself in this crazy world. It is very important to have time for yourself and be able to care.

– What is beauty for you?

– Beauty is about being confident and feeling good about yourself. It is about being real and true. Everyone is beautiful and everyone needs to find you beauty. Happy things and smiling are mostly related to beauty.

– Do you have a specific way of choosing beauty products related to their ethics of production?

– Today it is easy to recognise it when you buy a beauty product if it can be tested on animals. I usually go to stores where I’ve already filtered that. For example, the respectful to each other on set.

– In terms of ethics of the fashion industry, they say that the bigger the photographer is, the less respectable he is towards the team and the model, in particular. Drawing from personal experience, can you say whether this is the case in the modern fashion industry?

– Things are changing a lot now. I do remember being in a job and sometimes the photographer can be stressed. Sometimes he can be incommon, because he has to be the leader of the whole team. When I go to work I treat everyone the same and respect them, because it is very important. Everything will be presented on the set. It is like a little community that you put together to make something happen. I have been lucky to work with the great people and I’m grateful that we’ve always been respectful to each other on set.

– How has your work ethic changed since you first entered the fashion industry? For example, are you ever late to shootings or other commitments?

– From time to time I was late, because I’m brazil! But I always try to be professional like I learned how to be. It doesn’t matter how big or small the job is, you should always treat it all the same. It is a very important message: I’m a portrait, so I should choose the job that I believe in. The brand should have a positive and true message to its consumer. I don’t want to work with the company that has a fake message.

– What ethical aspects of working on set are you, as a model, responsible for?

– When I’m going on set, I’m trying to understand the client and his message. I’m just trying to do my best to impersonate that.

– What is the best advice you can give to a beginner model for her to avoid the violation of ethical norms by any member of the team on set, including her agent?

– You should believe in yourself and try to do your best. Always remember why you are where and love your profession. If you feel uncomfortable just tell them about the people you are surrounded by and don’t be afraid.

– Do you think the fashion industry has become more ethical over the past 10 years or is it only ethical on the outside, maybe it puts up this mask to keep up with the modern time, where it is popular to be tolerant and ethical?

– The fashion industry has to be ethical, because it shows people many things and they do the same. Back in days with no social media, our industry was less professional. Now it has become a massive industry that makes a lot of money. It created more jobs. I don’t think it bab in ethical plan. There are many people in this industry who care about it and want to make a better thing. It is still a massive industry and the previous year we stayed home and less things happened. It was a big impact for the fashion industry and after this people realised that we have to be ethical

with the world, environment and each other.

– Digitalisation is everywhere. Due to the current situation the world is transitioning into online. We have digital fashion shows and virtual models. Do you think virtual models are an ethical innovation? They are essentially stealing people’s jobs...

– Progress is always good. I don’t think they are stealing the jobs from us because we are creating more jobs so I’m sure that it is a space for new kinds of progress.