Teen Spirit and Dark World by Niccolò Lapo Latini

Teen Spirit - Directed by Niccolò Lapo Latini - is a serial photographic project created in collaboration with Colmar Originals, Colmar Sport and Lacoste - and divided into chapters with the teenage world as central theme but evoking a new version. In fact, the 23-year-old Italian - known for the direction of his daring and colourfull projects in the fashion business - approaches the figure of the teen with danger and adrenaline, from the canadian rollercoaster of La Ronde Park in Quebec up to social issues of depth and respect such as the current situation of Afghan women.

A mix of emotions and cultures that highlights how today young people are increasingly involved and close to issues of such importance and that fashion and the topical issues that it deals with has no age limits or prejudices. Even the youngest can make a difference.

Director: Niccolò Lapo Latini @niccololapolatini

Photograph: Alina Brag @alina_brag, Elena Prosdocimo @elenaprosdocimo

Artwork: Rebecca Coltorti @rebeccacoltorti_art

Starring: Maria Gabriella Diana @mariagabrielladiana @fordmodels,

Tom Cepregi @tomcepregiofficial @independent_mgmt