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Svetlana Zhurova

A woman must be not only smart, but also cunning enough to hide it.

Women have a trait – we are especially responsible in comparison to men. In fact, this actually distinguishes us because men cannot all the time be responsible for their nearest-and-dearest and colleagues next to them. Likewise, men are not always able to be responsible even for their assistants and other people around. A man more often focuses on his career or on himself relative to a woman that tends to also think about others surrounding her. Therefore, in order to succeed living up to expectations, the woman still should possess more of various though compatible and balancing traits. Success is not easy to achieve for both men and women. I suggest that 100 percent luck matters too, as well as talent or diligence. These are integral parts of success: both genders need it. There are areas where the woman does not have to be super-smart having ten kinds of education, so she can certainly use her beauty and charm in order to succeed. However, taking into consideration more essential aspects such as economics or politics, it is clear enough to say that the woman needs to be truly intelligent. Though she should not demonstrate such feature since her success might get dramatically get shattered as soon as she starts to do so. Thus, even in family, the woman has to be cunning and clever.

Insofar as we live in Russia, I can say for sure that even if a woman is originally charming so that it simplifies her life, it is never enough just to be genuinely beautiful to succeed. The thing is that outer beauty can bring some benefit only while taking first steps. Further, others will find out how actually things go so such female won’t have a big chance to succeed. Nevertheless, speaking of our country, beauty plays a significant role. And not only the beauty itself is important but also the woman on the whole – how she dresses, how she behaves. The woman should always be on top in pretty much everything: the clothes, the hairstyle, the look. Otherwise, it is not that essential anymore what she speaks about or what she does for life. Point is that, she does not have to be a super beauty but being an interestingly looking female is more than enough. #NUMERORUSSIA #NUMERORUSSIAGIRL #SVETLANAZHUROVA