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Svetlana Khorkina

Today, a modern woman, may be many times stronger than a man and even more successful, there are many examples of it.

I think that in order to achieve some success, a woman de nitely needs first of all diligence, patience, determination, an understanding of the goal and task she wants to achieve. This is a certain minimum. Although there is still such a thing, it is called luck. Still, it is present in life by any stratch. But at the moment I see one challenge on the woman’s path to success - it is gender inequalities that do not allow her to achieve that success and solve the issue or task that she wants to achieve. And of course, this is laziness and unclearly formulated goals and objectives.

It is still important for a woman not to look back at men, but to go forward. Today, a modern woman, may be many times stronger than a man and even more successful, there are many examples of it. Therefore, it seems to me that it is easy enough for a woman to succeed. Beautiful women sometimes manage to solve the most important issues in di erent elds. Here we can agree that everyone understands beauty in their own way, but at the same time, of course, for woman, her beauty is a strategic weapon. But appearance is still not the main thing. I always had a motto - never give up on di culties, but overcome them. And use all the tools and means, and even your natural beauty, and come to the destination, to victory. And also experience plays quite big role.

I’m probably lucky in life with my work. I went in for sports professionally and reached the top of it, becoming an Olympic champion more than once! And today my work brings me pleasure and joy from the results that I achieve, of course, not alone, but with the whole team of the great club CSKA! And it’s scary to imagine that once you may lose interest to your work. But this sometimes happens, and in this case, in my opinion, one needs to either change the job, or study another profession, or at least have an advanced training. Maybe additional knowledge will open a new page for you and an interesting story will appear in your daily work activities.

But it seems to me that the next generation of women will have a big problem, their focus on their careers and the fact that they completely forget that they are still women. God created them so that they continue the human race and should become mothers to give life to a new generation. I would like the woman not to forget that she is primarily a mother, wife, domestic goddess. And the wealth of the family is not calculated by the money she earns, but still by the number of children in the family.

It is di cult to say how much a woman should not depend on a man. There are di erent stories in life. But my life experience shows that a woman should have her own interest, favorite job or activity, but then again, it’s very di cult to just be a mother and raise children, maintain order and comfort in the house, this is also a di cult job. Therefore, I’ve been working all my life, from four, from three years old, so I don’t understand and don’t even know what ‘doesn’t work’ means. No matter how my life goes on, I think I will always work, but this does not mean that I will refuse the help of men, in no case, I will even be very pleased to shift the weight of my problems on him. Well, I will let to take care of me. #NUMERORUSSIAGIRL #NUMERORUSSIA #SVETLANAKHORKINA