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Svetlana Bondarchuk

I’m woman of free will.

I live in present, so I don’t have thoughts that in the past I did something wrong. But from some things I am able to make conclusions and nowadays I try not to make those mistakes any more. It is not about trying to prevent something, but rather a responsibility for mistakes that I have made.

But sometimes you want to change some things in your life. For this, I have a recipe: during some negative moments that unfortunately occur in my life, you can nd a comfort zone and do not lock yourself in negativity. Look for what you really want to do. If it doesn’t go well in your personal life – switch to work, crisis at work – nd a new direction of improvement.

During those moments, I often travel or spend time with people I feel comfortable with children, family and people I love. For me, this is always some kind of intellectual story: a trip to a museum, a movie, music. But traveling is the fastest way to get distracted for everything. Going away for two days helps you to get a lot of new emotions. You can go to Paris or Suzdal, and in both cases you will get an emotional reboot.

Do not forget that it is very important to relax. Especially during the holidays. For example, I really love New Year, 9th of May (victory day) and Easter. Since childhood, Easter has been associated with delicious smells in our house where eggs were painted and cakes were baked. This is an amazing holiday. Rise of my soul, amazing mood. Awesome emotions for children. And most important, it is the beginning of spring and a fantastic state of love.

9th of May is a holiday of absolute unity. Although now you need to save this great holiday in a more modern way. There is no need for parades and aggression. And yet this is the only holiday that keeps the whole country together. New Year, with rare exceptions, of course, is mostly a home holiday, closest people from your heart come and you get chance to spend time together. During holidays and celebrations I have no limitations. People who try not to eat after 6pm and do not drink alcohol are really weird for me. I consider myself as a person with a free soul. It’s really important for me to be free and independent and I learned how to control myself.