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SHOWS Max Mara Paris

The world capital of design and fashion, the city in which the famous artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci once lived and worked and the city in which it is not customary to be late. She will certainly go there for a portion of inspiration and .. shopping! Welcome to Milan.

People come here to get lost between tourists and jump into a couple of vintage shops in search of the original cut jacket, slowly drink a cup of espresso, standing behind the bar, take a ride on the veterans-trams, bewitching with their wooden doors and lamps inside, visit the Monumental cemetery, which is famous for its headstones decorations and monuments of famous masters, go here for an aperitif at lunch and unhurried walks, flowing into a romantic trip.

Gothic spiers and architecture of the Italian Renaissance, as well as the majestic monuments - this is not all. Most importantly, why go to Milan, of course, shopping. Few where you can find the same number of fashion boutiques and shops, concentrated within the same city: there are boutiques of almost all well-known world brands!

On one of the main shopping streets - Corso Vittorio Emanuele, not far from Milan Duomo Cathedral, boutiques of the famous fashion house Max Mara are located.

In the windows of boutiques not just mannequins, but the whole story, causing the desire to look the same! Almost all Max Mara lines are represented here: Penny Black, Max & Go, Marella, Max Mara Week End.

«Look for inspiration where the streets are full of people and life at any time of the day or night, in a city that, being a huge modern metropolis, has notes of enchanting Italian antiquity..»