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Regina Todorenko

The most open love is on the streets of Brazil and Argentina. Once upon a time in Brazil on one side of the street I saw children playing in the park, and on the other side – old couple passionately kissing. It’s not vulgar, it’s beautiful.

You hit it right with the sexuality. This year I’m aiming on it. I want something more outspoken, free and maybe provocative. Of course, I like my image of mother wearing cozy clothes. Now I want to take it o and transform into a beautiful ower. It’s time to review my wardrobe. For example, earlier I felt myself as a blond, andin one moment I realized that I am not. I am not blond, I don’t like it anymore, I feel vulgar. Vulgar is when it’s «too much», when you wear everything you have: band hair, earrings, red lipstick and blue eyeshadows. Perhaps, for fashion it’s okay, because within fashion we leave the boarders. But in real life it’s not wearable. In that period I was coming up Candice Swaenpoel, I liked Jasel Bundhen, now it’s not mine. Maybe it’s because I’ve become mother and wife. I want more of monochromatic and warm tones. Less screaming and more elegance... kind of sexual moderation.

For me it’s aim number one to make this sexual moderation happen. But it’s all from the inside – how you see things, your life position, behavior. I feel more sophisticated than earlier. Before my gestures were – «look at me everybody», now I’m more comfortable being elegant. Maybe because I’ve took place as an artist already, and at the age of 30 your lifetime becomes slower. Let’s see what will be next... I like that one of the brands is sexuality, because every mother wants to feel herself as woman. Because in the routine, that she lives in: wash, clean, cook, take care – you want to give yourself some time and appreciate yourself. We give more, than let ourself be free. For my audience I want to be a symbol of women who can take care of herself and her family, and be successful. My con dence is coming from childhood. Parents’ belief gives you con dence. Or belief of the person who patronize you, it can be your couch, mentor, husband, etc. Now my family gives me con dence.