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A CUP OF QUESTIONS with J Balvin by FTL Moda

Photo by Manny Roman Shirt HardcoreFashion

Shirt Hardcore Fashion

You mentioned in interviews before that you would like to start an acting career. Is this a serious plan?

Right now, my focus is to continue to grow as a music artist, and keep building the global recognition of Reggaeton.  But I’ve enjoyed occasionally being different characters in Music videos, so I’ll never say never… It would certainly depend on if I felt the opportunity was a good fit.. But again- my foreseeable future is all about music

Photo by Manny Roman

Sweater Yirko Sivirich with Necklaces Nike & Ambush

When we were shooting with our FTL Moda Team for Numero Russia’s cover, we could see the Times Square billboard going crazy about your upcoming tour, from our suite at Intercontinental. Everyone was amazed. What is it like to have reached this level of success?  

That was a really special moment, to see the imagery for our next tour on so many Times Square Billboards all at once.  It was surreal, and I am grateful and feel blessed whenever I get to experience a new moment like that which has grown from how my music has connected with people.  But I hope people realize that the success they see is actually the result of ten years of really hard work, focus, patience, learning, and the blessing of god that it all came together. 

Photo by Manny Roman

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In a previous interview you stated, “I just care about the love, not the hate.” This mindset is a huge inspiration for many people and we admire you for it. What keeps you so loving in a world that is so toxic? 

It might sound like a cliché, but I’ve always believed there is just no lasting joy or creativity in hating, so why waste the time.  There is so much hate and toxicity out there, and some people likely get hung-up on the brief feelings of self-superiority when they direct hate at others.. but my creativity is driven by the good vibes I find within people, and the good rhythms I find in the music of our culture.  Channeling that love into my music fuels the creativity that has brought me success and the ability to travel and connect with people around the world

Meditation is a big part of your life; how does meditation help you and your overall health?

It helps me relax, and have a clearer focus, Amidst constant work, constant travel, it is at least a brief window every day where I can shut everything else out, literally take a deep breath, and make sure that I am making the right decisions with everything else that follows each day. 

On the Left

J Balvin wears:

Jacket, T-shirt and pants Versace

Sneakers Emporio Armani

Leslie wears:

Total look Versace


On the Right

J Balvin wears:

Shirt and jeans Isabel Marant

Leslie wears:

Bodysuit Agent Provacateur

Pants Emporio Armani

In this new world of social media, it is easy to get caught up in your phone and posting about where you are rather than enjoying the moment. How do you find a balance between enjoying the moment but also being a prominent figure on social media? 

Social media has of course been a major factor in how I connect with fans around the world, and I want to show them how much I treasure their support, by including them in my life through constant communication.. But Yes, it is essential that you also have to live your life for yourself. I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel to places I never thought I would see, and work with people I never dreamed I would meet… and while I love the ability to share that with fans, it is essential that I also fully digest those moments for myself, and my one soul.. We all need memories that are not just framed through a screen.