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#NUMERORUSSIADIGITALHOMME 005Cory Couture, Megan Tran and Giony B by Harris Thong

Outfit by Chau Phan. Hat by Cory Couture. Shoes by Yen.

Blue outfit by Polo Ralph Lauren. Bag by Prada. Shoes Calvin Klein.

Outfit by Chau Phan. Bag Louis Vuitton.Boots by Yen.

Male jacket by Calvin Klein. Female outfit by Chau Phan.

Outfit by Chau Phan. Boots by Yen.

Outfits by Chau Phan. Bags by Louis Vuitton. Boots by Yen.

Models: Cory Couture, Megan Tran, and Giony B at PMD.

Photographer: Harris Thong

Makeup: Quan Nguyen & Ghy

Hair: Pu Le

Stylist: Chau Phan

Production: Cory Couture Productions & FTL MODA