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#NUMERORUSSIADIGITALHOMME 001 Biondo "Bright lights" by Daria Miva


Talent Biondo @biondo

Art director and Photographer Daria Miva @dariamiva

Stylist Svetlana Shashkova @hungryfaces

HMUA Anastasia Kataurova @kataurovamua

Photographer Assistant Chiara Campesan @chiara_campesan

Location The Club @theclubmilano

Equipment Moviechrome @moviechromemilano


Jacket Matchless @matchlesslondon

T-shirt Modiverso @modiverso

Turtleneck, coat and pants Fay

Boots Vic Matie

Numero Russia: If not a musician, what career would you choose?

Biondo: As a child I’ve been dreaming of being who I am right now. Maybe I would have become a Michelin star chef or an actor.

Hoodie Cidivini

Jeans Pence

Shoes Hogan

Coat Fay

"As a child I’ve been dreaming of being who I am right now"

Sweater Woolrich

Coat Fay

Bag Vic Matie

Jeans Siviglia

Numero Russia: What do you consider your best song and why?

Biondo: I think my best song is in the new album, that is still not released. But thinking of the past, I'd say that my best song is ‘Vodka’ or ‘Tardi', because they really express my style.

Shirt Woolrich

Pants Horo

Bag Tods

Glasses Pugnale

Jewelry Nomination Italy

Numero Russia: What is one thing that your fans will always remember about you ?

Biondo: Surely, I am novelty both in style and in human terms. I always share positive messages attributable both artistically and in the life of my fans, I think I