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Sexuality is a natural property given to us from birth and it can manifest itself completely individually. Someone may have a very sexy laugh, smile, look, arm movement or gait. It is always the individual features and that’s great, because it is natural.

The concept of success has transformed historically. If earlier it was believed that a successful woman is one who married well, then in the 90s the measure of success became career growth, how much the woman has advanced in her career, how much money she has earned. Now this concept is again being transformed and my understanding of what a successful woman is, rst of all, is connected with independence and harmony in life. It is important how many people were able to realize what he needs, and not what society considers markers of success. You always need to start from a speci c person, from his inner world, as far as he managed to express himself - this is success.

It is very difficult to achieve harmony, it does not come in one moment - you decided that you want to be a harmonious person and here it is. It is always work with yourself, awareness of what you want, continuous development, self-education, search. You can’t stand still, you can’t stop. And, probably, one cannot become harmonious alone. In our company there are de nitely like-minded people, because we have some kind of chemistry - we understand each other perfectly. When you feel this commonality and mutual understanding, it seems to me, the most important and the most beautiful in the work. The same team was created in the museum. It consists of very creative people, very bright and talented personalities, and the approach to them is di erent. This is a discussion, diplomacy, it is necessary to nd an approach to each person in order for the team to work as a single mechanism. I need a team, I need a family, I need close people, friends, children - it’s very important for me. Also, in order to succeed, such qualities as patience, perseverance, but calmness are most important. You need to understand that you need to go some way and go it calmly, the most important thing is to enjoy life.

I always say, it is necessary to set goals - very high and outstanding goals in order to really achieve a lot. It’s necessary to understand that you go to them, living your life. It seems to me very important to try not to burden, not complicate your life, but rather support yourself with your internal resources.