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#NUMERORUSSIADIGITALFASHION 001 Marquita Pring by Elio Nogueira

The Russian publisher honors International Women’s Day with the launch of its new website, featuring supermodel Marquita Pring.

Photographer Elio Nogueira

Producer and Stylist Ilaria Niccolini

MUA Carolina Gonzalez

Hairstylist Danielle Priano assisted by Andy

Assistant to the producer Kennedy Dickie, Lauren Smith, Bailey Kaufmen

Assitant to the photographer Anna Reece

Showroom FTL MODA

Talent Marquita Pring @ IMG Models


To enhance women empowerment on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the NYC producer

FTL MODA and the Russian publisher chose the grace, beauty, and talent of splendid Marquita Pring, an American top model who is also an advocate for diversity inclusion within the fashion industry, to convey a message of energy, hope, and role modeling.

Five values were chosen for this production: STRENGTH, SENSITIVITY, FIERCENESS, BEAUTY, AND EMPOWERMENT.


Numero Russia is releasing a digital platform that will expose its prestigious publication to a wider international audience. This will allow for the media to expand its outreach outside Eastern Europe, to the whole world. The digital platform will keep the spotlight on high profile content and on topics such as fashion, art, and cinema, while also keeping an eye on emerging talents part of the Z generation.

Producer Ilaria Niccolini was chosen as Art Director and Producer for the new digital platform


The NY based producer put together a team of excellence for this prestigious launch, including key make up artist Carolina Gonzales, celebrity hair stylist Danielle Priano, and international photographer Elio Nogueira.

#NumeroRussia #Beauty #MarquitaPring