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– Dear Valeria, we are very pleased to finally meet you! You are recognized as the best designers of 2020 in Ukraine. How does it feel? What brought you into the jewelry business?

– It all started in 2016, when I worked as a journalist for a TV channel. I decided to make something of my own and my choice definitely fell on jewelry, this is what I loved and love most of all. Later, after analyzing, I realized that this happened thanks to my grandmother, gave me jewelry for my birthdays every year, they were always exquisite, sophisticated and classic, despite my young age. They are relevant to this day, for example, at the age of 10, she gave me hoop earrings and said that every lady should have them in her jewelry wardrobe. In addition, I will not be an exception if I say that I knew what jewelry I wanted to wear, but could not find it anywhere. That’s why I decided to make it myself. Although, it was my hobby, not a brand. And now, 5 years later, we have more than 45 people in our team, our own jewelry production in Ukraine, a showroom, we are represented in Ukraine, Great Britain and Canada...

If someone told me 5 years ago that all this would become real, I would have laughed in their face!(Laughs)

– Let us be these people and ask you what will happen to Guzema Jewelry in the next 5 years?

– Now it is very difficult for me to imagine! But the main thing that I understood is that you need to love what you do and then everything will work out, it will turn out even into something bigger. I’m learning to dream big now. I would really like the whole world to know about our brand, I want to make a quality product that pleases women. It is very important for me how a woman feels when she puts on my jewelry. I know that every woman is special, absolutely every woman, and sometimes I just need to emphasize her beauty. I am for the jewelry not to take attention to itself, but to emphasize the beauty of its owner.

– Lera, you have been on the jewelry market for not so long. Has it changed over these 5 years?

– In general, the market has changed a lot. Purchasing power has dropped over the past 10

years. But over the past 5 years, the market for niche jewelry brands has begun to develop. A new direction has appeared – artificial diamonds. We are also planning a collection with them. This is something new, but the world does not stand still and you need to move together with it. It’s green, why not? I can say for sure that the creativity of the jewelry market is developing very rapidly, which makes me incredibly happy. I enjoy watching what my colleagues around

the world are creating.

– What will the jewelry market be like in 10 years?

– Good question! I think that in 10 years the consumer, the client will change a lot... Now many

people have a so-called jewelry wardrobe, but soon people will become more selective and more attentive to purchases. There will be 2–3 pieces of jewelry in the arsenal of the new generation, because a woman will definitely be creative and conscious as a consumer. I think that all the trends will still lead us to intelligent, conscious consumption.

– Lera, you mentioned consumers... Do you have clients from generation Z? Do you run into them?Who are they?

– Yes, I do. These are the children of my clients who have grown up and come for jewelry. These are young people who know exactly what they want. And it always fascinates me. They never doubt, I don’t know why, but they always go for something specific, prepared and have a visual idea of how it will look on the arms or on the neck. They are very laconic in their choice, they will buy one, but it will definitely be their favorite.

– What inspires you? Where do you get new strength?

– I am inspired by women, their stories. I sometimes wonder how strong, patient and kind women can be. And how sometimes life turns into unexpected turns, situations, and nevertheless, I see how these people get out of such situations with dignity. It always

fascinates me. I am always admired by people who help others, who are open, just kind at heart.