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– What brought you to the industry?

– First, my passion. I love watches and have always wanted to do just that. As a teenager, I worked in manufacturing and wanted to create and design my own

watches. The time came when I had the resources to make my dream come true. I came into the industry and created my first watch without further thought.

– Tell us more about DNA Jacob&Co.

– Take a look at my watch and you will immediately see how different it is from other brands. They are boldness and loud, they are admirable, they are timeless. I combine intricate elements, gems and color in my designs.

This is the DNA of the Jacob&Co brand. DNA is my vision and it dictates what to create. People don’t come to the Jacob & Co boutique for the first watch. People

come to us when they want to buy something special.

– Can you describe the Jacob & Co woman? What does she look like and what does she think about?

– This is not an ordinary woman. She is beautiful, smart, she attracts attention. She is loud and talkative. She loves beautiful watches and jewelry. After all, this is what complements her.

– How do you think, has the industry changed recently?

– Of course. It changes all the time. I’ve been in this business for quite a few years, so I’m not only see changes, but also create them myself.

– Can you compare today’s market and the market 10 years ago?

– It has become more sophisticated, and the customer has become more discerning. People know more about watches than they did before. And most importantly, they know and understand what they want, and, accordingly, are aware of what they are

buying. Buyers are no longer interested in ordinary watches. They want something special. After all, people judge each other by how they dress, what kind of shoes and jewelry they have. Everything has changed in 10 years. Earlier, Chanel and Dior made watches, but then they stopped, because people are looking for more and more extraordinary models so as not to be like everyone else. They don’t want to be mass-market customers anymore. For example, Rolex have always been in fashion, they are classics and every-one who has them will definitely fall in love with them.

I don’t want to compete, we can compete with other brands, because they focus on me and want to make similar products. I passed the most difficult test that

can be: I created something that cannot be repeated and something that will last forever, and this is my advantage.

– Can you imagine what will happen to the market in 10 years?

– The era of digital clocks will continue. More and more Apple-like models will appear in the mass market, but they will be even more mechanized. Unique

watches will be in demand because we are also moving forward and developing new technologies. We already have a plan for the next 20 years, and we will

create something that no one has done before. Each time it becomes more and more interesting to develop a new mechanism and develop a new design on it.

Nevertheless, after 10 years people will still wear and collect classic watches, such is the market.

– What digital tools do you use in your business?

– The future is here and now. Today, a person rarely picks up print catalogs, so we switched to a digital format. Everything is going digital and the best tool for the market is visual content. Digitalization helps businesses and brings us closer to the future.

– What do your customers prefer: going to the store or online shopping?

– We sell a lot of watches just through a phone call. Many buyers, even without fitting, are ready to make a purchase by reading the characteristics and

watching the video. But there are also such customers for whom it is important to visit a store, try on a watch before buying.

– Are your customers afraid to buy jewelry online?

– No, because our key to success is honesty in the quality of customer service control. We know we deliver a great product.

– What do you think about digital models, digital clothing and virtual reality? Are they applicable to your industry?

– Some brands use digitalization and digital models. But I’m a person of the old school, I don’t buy anything online. I want to come and try it myself before.

– How to gain customer’s trust?

– You have to keep your word. And, of course, quality. Quality comes first!

– What do you think of Generation Z?

– Perhaps in 20 years everything will change. Many people are very fond of showing themselves in all their glory. Especially men today like to put on watches and use them to demonstrate their success, believing that a suit and a watch can tell a lot about them. This is to some extent self-defense. If you are good-looking, wear something decent, and also put on a watch, then it makes you feel confident. When I wear a watch, I feel happy. I look at them and I know how difficult it is to make them. Now, of course, I think for other men, but they are the ones I see among my customers: they really need high quality watches and jewelry.

– What is closer to you? Do you speak the same language as your older generation customers or do you speak the language of Generation Z?

– For me, it’s the same thing.

– Which of your products are most demanded? Has COVID influenced buyers’ choices?

– COVID did not affect in any way. People still want to buy decent things. Perhaps people were bored, perhaps they had nothing to do with themselves. Many spent a lot of time on social media. But people haven’t stopped loving good things.

– Let’s get back to you. What inspires you?

– I have many ideas that I can afford to embody, they are inexhaustible. I have my own vision, and I take inspiration from everyone and everything around. I can

just look at the building across the street, admire the shape of its windows, construction and design, and then exclaim: “Oh my God! I love this shape!» and

translate it into some kind of watch.

– What is the perfect vacation for you?

– I really like quiet places. Take Socotra Island, for example. It is located between the Somali peninsula and Yemen. I think this is the most beautiful place, a real paradise! Three days are enough for me to regain strength.

– Have you ever been to Russia?

– Yes of course! Many times. I have many Russian friends and I speak Russian. I really like Russian culture. One of my close friends in Russia is Igor Krutoy!