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Irina Prohorova

Holiday is a good reason to see your loved ones.

My main mentor and deputy was my brother. Ones he said a very wise thing: «What are you afraid of: losing a job that burdens you and prevents you from realizing your dreams? Are you afraid of failure? Well, even if you don’t succeed, but you will not be tormented by regrets for not making a step”. And I risked everything, left a well-paying job in a state magazine and started my own business.

From time to time people remember own mistakes and dream of a magic wand that would allow us to correct the past. But with hand on heart, we confess that it’s impossible to rewrite our history. And once I managed to take place as a professional and as a personality despite my mistakes, let the rest of the unrealized opportunities remain in the past and be forgotten.

Today, the only thing that limits my leisure time is the need to monitor my work ow. It is impossible to completely shut down from work. However, I have a great team to rely on, so I try to work at smallest on holidays and rest. When I travel, I think well, and new ideas and projects usually come up during my travels.

When you work a lot, you mainly communicate with authors, employees, partners and o cials. The holiday is a good occasion to see your loved ones. My favorite holidays are quite traditional: birthday and New Year’s Eve. I’m not ashamed of my age, I’m not trying to hide it, I’m not trying to get young, I’m not trying to diminish my years. It seems to me that if you achieve the main goal in life, if you know the taste of success, it is easier to recognize the inevitability of natural aging.

To be more precise, as long as you are in the epicenter of events and work, you do not notice the age, do not attach importance to it. And the New Year is always beautiful – Christmas trees, gifts, wishes, hopes.

I’m celebrating New Year’s Eve in several stages. For many years we have been celebrating the corporate New Year in the publishing house: we invent a funny interactive divertissement on humanitarian topics, convene all authors and friends of the publishing house and have fun – dancing, talking, drinking. Shortly after the big corporate event, we are going to the kitchen for the «inner» New Year’s Eve.