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INVITED EDITOR Vasiliy Bychkov


«Holiday that is always with you» – the first thing that occur to mind when it comes to holidays. If you immodestly and abstractly try on this beautiful formula, the question arises: is it your natural state or strong-willed attitude? And it’s generally difficult to answer. Today you perceive every day as a holiday, and for you this is a essential way of thinking. In life, indeed, everything should be fine. And an optimistic way of life is generally beneficial.

But life, as you know, is striped. Black stripes are replaced by white ones and vice versa. And such an idea of life is more familiar to us. And in moments of “negative”, a daily holiday becomes a necessary strong-willed attitude that leads you forward. Moreover, it helps to accelerate the process of changing black stripes into white ones.

One way or another, if this is your principle, another question is tormented. What is it? Enlightenment of the mind or a sign of impending, or maybe already come, idiocy? It does not matter. The message, in my opinion, is correct. In the end, man is said to be made for happiness. Well, in general, this is something very personal. We are not able to drag anyone by the ears, and we don’t want to let anyone in and talk about it out loud. Unless, on the pages of Numero magazine. So this is the first level of celebration of life.

The next category of the holiday, as it seems to me, is also deeply personal, but sometimes we

allow friends, relatives and close ones to go inside. I mean small special holidays, which are different for everyone. It’s said that for women to go get a manicure for no reason is a small celebration, and, of course, shopping is. For me, shopping is a torment. But for some reason I have a transport buzz. I love the 3-hour drive on the new expressway and at speed in a boat on the lake. And recently I discovered the electric scooter pleasure of perceiving the city. By the way, Moscow now also directly claims to be a holiday. Neat, clean obscenely. You’re driving, looking at the fact that he drove a car hundreds of times and for some reason didn’t pay attention.

Sometimes you can take some of your friends on the road or on a boat. Well, of course, to drink a glass with them in your favorite place – this is also our little one that we won’t give to anyone!

The next largest level of fanfarism and tambourines with drums is what we create for others. Here is the magazine issue – a holiday created by an editorial team for thousands of readers. The plane has just landed – a holiday from the pilots to me. And we do exhibitions and fairs in the field of culture. Classical and modern art, architecture, design, books. And the exhibition is always a holiday! There is someone’s expression. The preparation process is long and difficult. Grand opening. Hundreds of participants, tens of thousands of visitors. Meetings, conversations, negotiations. A few days of tense life and finito. Only the wind drives the paper through the empty pavilion. Like Fellini’s Eight and a Half.

Doesn’t it look like a holiday?

Well, the last thing is that which is inevitable, like snow on your head. New Year, birthdays and eighths of March. It’s troublesome and fussy, because you have to buy 158 gifts, but this is wonderful! Everyone froze in excitement and anticipation of the holiday. And then the thunder of the chimes and here it is a holiday!