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INVITED EDITOR Valentin Yudashkin

– Valentin Abramovich, you are an integral part of modern fashion. What is fashion for you?

– Fashion is my work, it’s a way of life, it’s a 24 hours state to be in shape. Understand what you are doing not only today, but also understand what you will do tomorrow and in a year.

– In your opinion, what is more important fashion or individual style?

– Over the years, I have become more interested in the personality in fashion. As we all know, fashion is changeable, and thus it is interesting. If today a man in his style finds new notes of fashion and can reflect them, then we are going in the right direction.

– Well-dressed man – who is he? What does he look like?

– Men, like women, have focused on clothing in recent decades. Although in the 17,18,19 centuries, fashion influenced men’s clothing rather in terms of his philosophy, status, organization, attitude to himself, to his work. Now fashion is more universal, interesting, creative. A man himself can act as an artist. He can collect bit by bit from interesting proposed designer things his own wardrobe.

– When, in your opinion, was men’s fashion born?

– I think that as long as the history of the costume exists, there is relation to clothing and fashion. This is Assyrian art, this is ancient Rome, this is the heyday of a special relationship with fabrics. And, of course, the French made a huge contribution, they showed a men’s suit as a standard of time, era and style.

– How do you think men’s fashion is developing in Russia now?

– Over the past 10-15 years, men have had tremendous opportunities not only to buy clothes, but also to visit men’s salons. Where you can see new trends in hairstyles, haircuts, personal care: make up your face and hair. Now is the time of very fashionable and stylishly dressed men.

– Valentin, what do you think is men’s fashion waiting for in 10 years?

– In 10 years, I think the fashion will be very comfortable. It will not be so bourgeois, it will

be democratic. Since new professions, new competencies, new intellectual types of work come up, clothes should be very comfortable. It should not distract, but should stimulate the ability to perform work.

– Who do you think influenced the development of men’s fashion in the world and in Russia the most?

– I think that Russia had its own artists who influenced the development of fashion, but still, the Italians influenced the world’s male fashion to a greater extent. It was them who gave impetus to the men’s suit and a certain vision of the classics and, for example, new sports trends.

– Do you think gender boundaries should exist in fashion?

– There can be no boundaries in fashion at all. That’s why, it is fashion. Fashion is a constant challenge and protest. What is impossible today is tomorrow worn by everyone.

– Many brands are gradually moving away from classics, adapting collections to a young audience.What do you think about it?

– I treat everything new well. This is always interesting to me. I remember when I was just starting my career, I myself was looking for some new moments in my own life. Everything new excited me, therefore, and now I accept everything with great interest.