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INVITED EDITOR Taras Zheltyshev

– How did this project start for you?

– For me, the project associated with the Heritage gallery began with a call from Marina Vesna. She offered to take part in a project called Manner & Matter, and then introduced her to Kristina

Krasnyanskaya. This is what comes out when there is a desire and opportunity.

– What is design for you?

– The word design has a clear definition, justified for more than one century. I just won’t say that I`m directly involved in design, for me it is more of an art work, collecting my aesthetics and

having practicality.

– Many of your Mrs Ruby Collections have strong anatomical references. How does this relate to your medical background?

– I would not say that it`s anatomical reference. They are more natural, since they all come from the same environment, that of plants, insects, animals, people, bacteria, etc. That’s why I just

make images more familiar to us. We just do not notice them or have forgotten how to do it.

– You often talk about the importance of the practicality of your creations and the public benefit to you. You create for people, but all your creations are worth more

than a million. Not everyone can afford a lamp in the form of a chromosome, it turns out that you are not creating for everyone. What is your average buyer and is there an

opportunity for an average layman to touch your things?

– Yes, practicality is important to me, but it can be different. Once I came to a meeting with a family friend, he is a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. He asked me – Taras, why

did you decide to leave the medical profession, because this profession is directly related to a person and you would save people’s lives. I answered: I believe that all professions and activities are indirectly or directly related to human life. Including design or art. In them, you can create such an ergonomic object that will allow a person to keep his musculoskeletal skeleton normal until old age, and you also have a chance to create such an amazing image that will stimulate a person to breathe and live.This is practicality for me. You are right, many of my works are quite expensive. The price is formed due to their shape and the fact that for many items production has to spend a large amount of resources. I was asked to come up with things that are responsive and understandable. I tried to do it, but I still want to create something new in every sense, without going beyond the popular morality. I have quite a lot of items worth less than 1