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INVITED EDITOR Natalia Khlebtsevich

– How did this project start for you?

– Once I met Marina Vesna, after some time, she told me about the idea of creating an online platform that would be engaged in object collection design. I never considered myself a designer,

preferring to be called an artist, but I thought it might be interesting.

– Do you have a Muse? Who?

– I think my muse is my material. In general, I`m passionate about ceramics, to goosebumps! Clay, glaze, all these jars, tools. This does not mean, of course, that if I don’t work in the material,

then ideas don’t come to me. But most often i`s the material that prompts me to create something new, but I think well with a piece of clay in my hands.

– Natalia, you say that at the moment of work, you have a vague idea of what will happen at the end. Tell us about the birth process of your installations, do you never think over your work in advance, don’t make sketches, all works are the result of something spontaneous and spontaneous?

Working with ceramics, I very often come up with works in the process of some simple action: preparing clay, obtaining samples in firing, and, you know, sometimes it is absolutely impossible to fix this moment when you cling to some thought, start thinking further and further. You think, draw something, you can probably call it sketches, but rather it`s a quick fixation of thoughts. If this doesn’t let you go for a long time and some picture develops in your head, then the work must certainly be implemented.

– Speaking of installation, you say that this is your favorite form, why?

– Probably because of the need to overcome difficulties. After all, the installation can`t be done once and for all. Each exhibition will be new, each time she will need you, and no one will do it for you. It is a special pleasure for me to see that something happens in the work after you put it up.