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INVITED EDITOR Lydmila Krutikova

– How did the project start for you?

– This is the first project that took place after quarantine in conditions epidemics. Of course, this event is for the project participants and for everyone who has an interesting collection design.

– What do you expect from him?

– Growing interest in the topic of collectible design, new contacts and development prospects.

– What is the design for you?

– A place where art and technology meet. Artistic design that takes into account important connections: subject-person-environment-aesthetics-functionality. And man is the main actor here face, design does not exist without it.

– What is the birthplace of design for you?

– Primitive art. The first ceramic bowl, the vessel is manifestation of the first design. It just wasn’t called that. But this a form verified by time and to this day lives in our everyday life. As for the later time, it is very important for me the Bauhaus school, which had a huge impact on the further development of architecture, photography, fine arts and design.

– Do you have a muse? Who?

– I am interested in different authors in art and design. I have never created idols, because the individual and original approach of the artist in creativity. Time, tastes, views and preferences change, it remains seen and practical experience – the basis for the emergence of new creativity. I am motivated to create artworks by the space in which. I am also the people who surround me. This is precisely the environment for the formation of new objects.

– What is Russian collectible design for you?

– The first thing that comes to mind is the fabrics of Rodchenko, Popova, Stepanova, Udaltsova, Suprematist porcelain and the architects of Malevich, Chashnik, Suetin, then propaganda porcelain. As for the Russian collection design today, in my opinion, it’s currently at the stage of formation.