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- Did you learn to be an actor and has this education helped you in your career? Does it generally help aspiring actors nowadays, or has this changed in the era of digital?

- I think it helps. The art of drama is work that trains skills and abilities in a way that will further help in a career. At the same time, I believe that acting is not a career that requires only a few years of study. It is practical, it is a profession that has to be practiced.

The digital age is approaching fast, it seems to me that such a modern approach also challenges the actor to achieve the results most immediately. Therefore, a person must be open to new possibilities in order to be able to move on and develop, and still always stay afloat.

- You have quite popular social media accounts. Why do you think users are so attracted to your content?

- Because of my work, I think. I have not developed my social media as an influencer or someone who creates mainstream content. The main thing that attracts people is my acting and modeling career, I guess that's why people follow me. I am 100% sure that such interest of the audience is caused by my work.

- Do you like to be active in social networks?

- No, I don't really like it. I like acting in series, movies. Social media is more personal and more intimate, and I do value privacy a lot. I share of course things which are more external, and related to my work, art, share the occasional quotes of writers that I like, or singers, actors and directors that I admire, who are a reference for me and for my career. But I do not talk about my personal life, I don’t like it, it does not suit me.

- Why do many celebrities prefer to hide their personal lives?

- The acting career is something that is very exposed, personally, I am very clear about what I expose. I separate work and personal life, the second I prefer to keep to myself, because it belongs only to me. Imagine if you expose absolutely everything, nothing will be left for yourself. I think that mentally it would not help me, because I would feel emptied, as if I'm working nonstop! Therefore, I don't share where I am going, what I'm doing, who my friends are - this is my private life, and it’s ok that I don’t put it out for everyone to see. I really enjoy my normal life in anonymous situations, where there are no cameras, and no one is recording.

- Your rise to fame happened pretty fast, what do you think success is owed to?

- I think I played my first role at 17 years old in Santiago de Chile. I took part in local plays, and since I started working from a very young age, one job would lead me to another. I began studying after I started acting. I worked and studied and at night, prepared with such teachers, with whom I felt I could get a lucky ticket into an acting career.

I never imagined that it would be such a success, that everything would be like this, at such a level. You always want to do well in what you develop, right? But it was a very big surprise for me.

I have also left my home country, I have not lived in Chile for 6 years, I have lived in Argentina for 4 years, because there was my first international project “Soy Luna”, a Disney channel series, and we had to do concerts throughout Europe and Latin America. Two years later, I went to Madrid. I'm in Brazil now.

My international career has been built which made me very happy, because it now challenges me to reach the next level.

I did not know how to act in Portuguese. but I took a risk because I like difficult things, I like to learn other cultures, meet other people, constantly move from one country to another - it seems amazing to me!

I am at a very curious point in my career, it's great that I'm learning many things, and I'm very happy and grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way.

- We see you more in series than in movies. In your opinion, why does this happen? Or is it your own decision?

- So far, everything happens naturally. I do more series than movies because I get more series offers, as does my agent.

My future projects folder has several options to work on movies, which I like, because even though I starred in only one movie, I want to act in more new projects in films. Actually, it's what I like to do the most.

I really like the concept of cinema - sublime appeal. So magical, so careful. The art of cinematography values each day, it is not a thing so fast to produce. In the series, on the contrary, the pace is fast, so the actor always needs to be alert, as much as possible, in order to achieve the desired result.

I want to act in films, I really want to but at this point in my career I made a choice in favor of the series voluntarily. Simply put, I have been busy working in series and I just didn't have an ideal project to develop myself in cinema.

- What is your favorite role?

-Of those I have done or what I would like to do in the future?

- You have done

- Well, I think the last thing I just did as Valerio. I will remember this character for the rest of my life, I believe. I enjoyed it very much; I had a great time. I taught him a lot and also learned a lot from him.

- And in the future?

- In the future.. Wow, I really enjoy the complexity of the human mind. I would like to see myself in the mind of a murderer or a swindler, in the mind of a controversial person. I like controversial characters. I would like to get into the mind of an ambiguous person. I really enjoy it. I also like comedy, humor. So, I would also try myself there.

- And what is your ideal comedy hero?

- An actor or a character?

- A character

- I'm going to name you a reference to The Mask starring Jim Carrey, I like these types of characters. I would like to do a movie, that I put on a musical in which you speak in the language of dance; that had color, texture, this code of

acting. I enjoy that the truth is expressionist. I need a character that will allow me to use all my capacity.

- Can you recall any particularly memorable experiences during the filming process?

- Yes a lot! During filming something interesting happens all the time. Sometimes some scenes end unexpectedly even for us, and this is wonderful.

But what I love the most is when you and your partner create magic on set, these are amazing moments.

- Do you find any similarities between yourself and the characters you play?

- In many cases the contrasts are very great, I have both similarities and differences. When I work on a character, he teaches me something every time and I go out differently. I gain experience through learning new emotions, face conflict situations and end up having a different perspective on life. I am open to the character, just as he is open to the audience. Therefore, the heroes with whom I worked, always have something that deep down is close to me.

- Top 3 directors you dream to work with?

- Well, Tarantino, Almodovar and Gaspar Noe. These are three completely different directors with different styles. I feel like I could work on their projects.

- What are you striving for in your career? Not only as an actor, maybe you want to try yourself as a director?

- I really love acting and I think that I still have many years to develop this direction. And I love directing too.

Over time, you want to scale your dreams, realize them to the maximum. So I do not rule it out at all, that at some point in my career a range of possibilities may appear, and I will direct my own film or a series. I really enjoy directing, it's very interesting. I also want to try myself in this.

- What's more interesting, being an actor or a director?

- It is more complex. Because the director has to have a 360 view of everything that is happening, he has to know what the characters think, what they feel, where they come from and where they stand within the story. The director is the only person in the project who has a broad view of the whole picture and knows absolutely everything, including the difficulties of his characters and how to address them. The truth is that it is more difficult but at the same time it calls my attention a lot.

- What advice do you have for beginner actors?

- I suppose the main thing is self-confidence. Self-determination, discipline, constancy and perseverance are super important in the active development of your career in which everything goes just the way you want. Nobody will tell you 100% about career development, nothing has reached my house to knock on my door like a fool with the words “hello, I have a job for you”.

Things have come to me because I have forced myself to make an effort, because I have knocked on thousands of doors. The advice I give the most is if you want something from the bottom of your heart, fight for it, fight for your goal and your dream. Nothing will happen if you don't make an effort. It's not enough just to want.

So that depends on you and that is what I tell the new generations. I think there is a lot of talent in today's young people.

In the modern world, in order not to lose anything, you need to be attentive, ready and willing!

- You have tried yourself in modeling - is this a path that you would like to do down further? Or is acting still a priority for you?

- The main thing is acting, although I have developed quite a lot in fashion naturally. I really appreciate this part of my career and I have been doing it very respectfully. It's also complicated, it is another industry. For me, fashion is a lifestyle and a way of expressing myself. It is a progression of your identity. So for me, fashion is something that goes beyond the trend.

At the moment I think that fashion has to do with what you “breathe” culturally, referring to what is your thing that makes you feel very comfortable. Every time I am developing more I always work with some brands, so I like it. I like it because it is also a totally honest production of who I am.

- Who is your favorite designer and why?

- I really like YSL - very, very much. The elegance bordering with Rock, with freedom, it has a fresh and classical point of view at the same time. I was in Morocco at the YSL museum. I was amazed by his designs, both male and female and I think he is one of those designers who will be admired for a long time to come.

- Your style is more elegant, right?