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INVITED EDITOR Aleksey Bereznyak

– How did this project start for you?

– This project started out of luck. I attended the COSMOSCOW exhibition. The stand of the Heritage gallery attracted me the most. Besides, the representative of the gallery Marina Vesna seemed to me as a person with whom you can work comfortably. I asked a couple of questions, took a business card and submitted my work. There was no answer. Some time passed Marina accidently found herself at my exhibition stand at an exhibition dedicated to interior items. It turned out that the letter was simply not reviewed and then a dialogue about cooperation began.

– What do you expect from the project?

– I am waiting for a response to my work, which could potentially give people a new branch of thought. This will allow me to confirm the need for this type of product and its usefulness.

– What is design for you?

– This is a useful action directed into the depth of the soul. It should have a positive effect and remind you of a high purposes without crossing the fine line of function.

– Why do you make each item yourself?

– I firmly decided not to do tnings what the machine can do. I want to live using my full personal human potential. This is how I came to furniture as a sculpture. And at the moment I have not yet

met a person who could fulfill my thoughts as I see it. Now I have assistants who do preparatory work. I really hope that in the near future I will meet a good person who can help me realize my ideas. But there is a feeling that it will look like a union of two or more artists looking in the same direction.

– Where do you get your inspiration from?

– I have a feeling that I understand the art of ancient people. Of all the arts it is closest to me. I see measure and restraint in them.This is what nature contains.

– Don’t you create without inspiration?

– This principle has always been in me. I am absolutely sure that everyone should do everything only with inspiration and fire, otherwise this is not his cup of tea. In this case I’m not talking

about the artist’s egoism. I’m talking about the fact that there are similar people and they can cooperate in the most productive, successful and useful way.