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#NUMERORUSSIADIGITALFASHION 007 Sif Saga "Hidden soul" by Manny Roman

Talent Sif Saga @ New Version Models

Photographer Manny Roman

Art Direction and styling Ilaria Niccolini

Production FTL Moda

MUAH Victor Noble

Assistant to the producer Bailey Kaufman @FTLMODA

Jacket Ralph Lauren vintage

Pants Armani

Scarf Hermes

Hat Borsalino

Boots Tommy Hilfiger

Belt Giorgio Armani

Numero Russia: What is your real name?

Sif: My real name is Hrafnhildur Sif I was named after my grandmother; it means Raven Battle. I go by Sif since it’s very hard to pronounce in English.

Numero Russia: You are from Iceland, a wonderful place on Earth, where I found peace at a level that is hardly known by the fast pace industry we work in. Do you like your origins?

Sif: Yes I am very proud to be from Iceland! For me it’s the air there when I step out of the airport I feel like I can breath again. 

Dress Salvatore Ferragamo

Belt Armani

Hat Monrowe

Numero Russia: How were you able to settle with a life in "the fastline" to work the cinema and fashion industry at such a young age?

Sif: It was a lot when I first started... I’m a planner and I like my routine so getting last minute jobs or having to fly somewhere the same day would have me spinning in circles. But now I can manage it I’m always prepared to expect the unexpected.

Numero Russia: Do you prefer cinema or fashion? And why?

Sif: I think both are amazing, modeling is definitely my first love. It’s where I learned how to discover other parts of me and learn how to express myself. I think that cinema allows me to express myself even more because not only can I show my characters emotions but I get to speak and work with other people. 

Jumpsuit Missoni

Belt Giorgio Armani

Hat Sportmax

Scarf stylist archive

Shoes Salvatore Ferragamo

Sif is riding Sir Ivan of Dragonville Stables

Numero Russia: Where do you find inspiration?

Sif: I’m not really sure how to answer that, I find that working with other people inspires me. I’m really lucky because I am constantly meeting new people and traveling to new places.

Blazer Missoni

Skirt Missoni

Boots Ferragamo

Belt Armani

Hat Monrowe

Numero Russia: How important is family for your personal and professional life?

Sif: Family is very important in both, I don’t think that I would be able to do what I do if I didn’t have the support of my family. They always have my back and push me to do better. My friends are also my family; I don’t have a whole bunch of friends, but there friends I can rely on.

Poncho Escudo

Texan boots Lucchese


Sportmax Blazer

Lucchese Boots

Foulard Burberry

Numero Russia: Our Numero Russia shoot happened while you were on set for the movie FERAL STATE we could not help but register the adrenaline and feel inspired by it. You have an important role this movie, with your agent and executive producers Marianne & Nick Tamposi. Would you like a moment to talk about your character?

Sif: My character’s name is Lexi and she is a bit more tough than Sif is. She tends to be pretty tough because she has to. She is a part of a make shift family where she’s relied on to make a majority of the money. She’s strong because she has to be, she only relays on her