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FASHION EXPERT Vyacheslav Zaitsev

– Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, when it comes to high fashion in Russia, first of all we think about you. You created it. What was it like – laying the foundation?

– I did not think about laying the foundation. I just wanted to get the creative freedom and to express myself. It may be naive, but, sincerely, I believed that I can change primarily the approach to the women’s clothing creation. I worked a lot, drew, defended my ideas, even went straight ahead. Despite everything, as they say. I even later had a collection with that

name. Furthermore, I struggled for our women to get dressed with beautiful and quality clothing, I visited many cities with lectures, explained the style specifics and even the make-up rules. I had the power for everything. I made so many sketches in my youth that I still use them. I can’t believe I did all this work by myself. My foundation is a great dedicated work. Those who follow the same path are my like minds. I am glad that there are so many Russian names in the world of fashion. And I am pleased with a number of my students as these days popular fashion designers.

– What has changed in fashion since the beginning of your career?

– With regard to the fashion, its diktat left, and I am very happy about it. Try to wear maxi while everyone is wearing an ultra mini. You will be laughed at, you will be a black sheep. And what is now? You can wear everything you like, just not to forget about style, about taste. As for the world of fashion, now there are absolutely amazing fabrics, their manufacturing technology, a lot of literally innovative equipment.

– The use of modern digital technologies in some way is necessary for every type of business.What can digitalization bring to the Fashion?

– Like I said, new technologies make it possible to create new fabrics, the equipment changed the manufacturing clothes, especially when it comes to the mass market. If you think about more real 3D technologies ... it is such a room for creativity!

– Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, you are an active Instagram user. Do you spend much time on social networks?

– A mere 10 years ago I said in my interviews that the only thing beyond my control is a computer. But I was involved, learned. Now I make pictures in the genre of photo-painting using various graphic editors. My photo prints are used in collections, on bags, umbrellas, etc. I also was involved in social networks. I have my Facebook account and post photos of various life events in Instagram. I understand, if you want to be interesting to a new generation, a new consumer, you need to be interested in the same things as they are.

Enthusiastically interested in!

– You have done a lot for education in fashion. Tell us about the mission of the Slava Zaitsev Fashion Lab.

– The Fashion Lab is a real university for young designers. Here, students receive a concentrate of knowledge in order to be an independent fashion designer with their own style. We have a day, evening and correspondence course. Every year, students of the Lab take part in the Young Designers Competition by N. P. Lamanova with their collections, and I must say that it is they who take the first places. Each season the Lab comes out with its own individual show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This is a real privilege.

– You also founded Kids Fashion Week. Why is it important to develop Kids Fashion in Russia? Is this the future?

– As I already said, you need to follow the trends in order to keep up with the new generation. All the largest fashion houses open stores for children, create seasonal collections and organize shows. So, since childhood, there is being brought up the

commitment to one brand, loyalty. In ten years, these children will become full-fledged buyers, so why not build their choice now? In addition, Kids Fashion Week is a beautiful show, a holiday for children. After all, they work a lot – they study choreography, fashion shows, posing, aesthetics teachers also work with them, this is an excellent training for a

child! And plus, so many positive emotions!

– What would you like to wish the Numéro Russia team?

– The task of every magazine or newspaper is to show our reality honestly and impartially. I wish your magazine this too. After all, you have a double responsibility – you are responsible for the development and also for upbringing of a man’s taste. I wish the whole team health and creativity.