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– What’s creativity it’s for you?

– Creativity is really something that for me has no binderies. It’s something that is automatically expression themself and of fantasy and really kind of really showing avoid who you are. I mean, for me, it’s than less and limitless and that’s how i look at when I ever started collection is. I don’t wanna kind of ban myself, any ideas restart with the feeling a vibe, a theme, something that really kind of captions how i feel in that particular point of what inspires us. As But I don’t wanna be the limitations on anything from neuron and it’s really something that is an evolution as we create. Collections and things like that it’s something that you know does no particular way of working it’s always changes it’s always avolve. So, for me it’s really creativity is the bundles kind of fantasy.

– You told about inspiration. What was the inspiration for your last collection.

- Well, this collection we actually start it of with 1914th inspiration at the artist whoever always loves his work. And we wanted something that we really capturing the beauty, the elegance, the world means of some of his artworks and on that particular you are. So, obviously being in the venue that we had at partisan pc. We wanted something that was quite light and romantic in the garden, with floral elements and really emphasizing, what we are is the brand which is very filament and elegant so.

– How would you describe Ralph&Russo woman?

– Well, I think that she is very strong woman, she loves to be filament, she loves to be a woman, she loves experiment with fashion, she is not afraid to be failed, but she loves to express elegance and familiarity, she is not afraid of that.

–Tamara, what would you say is the main mission of designer?

– To make people’s like beautiful.

– So, once you said that your business is the main thing is to understand what your clients wants and to give it to him. But what about creative self expression of yourself? Ralph&Russo it’s more about clients vision or more about your vision?

– I think it’s a bit of birth. I think that if you asked Michael the same question, he would say that “I design for myself and I’m never offers to woman”’ that his answer

about this kind of thing. But I think that definitely, I don’t design anything that I don’t particularly love, I have to see myself, I have to love it. It’s automatically it’s coming

from me, so it’s any expression of how I want women to be and how i see myself. But for us, understanding in client and having a close connection the client is a

way been something that we hold true to the house. I connection with a client really gives us insight as to what women want and the evolution that happening in the clients wants a needs and what’s happening in differents markets for us. We do design to the client but automatically we design what we love as well so.

– Who knows better what woman wants and needs,

female designer or male?

– Well, I think is that for me, heading up the creative for the brand is really given us in advantage because I do know what women want and cause I’m one of them. And I think that understand what flattered the woman and really makes a woman feel beautiful. I think that is the house and our I understanding of that has really be in advantage for us, because women really respond that automatically every woman wants to be – made feel empower and beautiful, things like that. So, I think when a pieces cut properly for you and the feet is perfect and makes you feel: changes your mood, changes your persona really

gives your a bit of confidence, gives you everything that woman actually want to feel. They want to feel elegant, they want to feel beautiful, they wanna stand out, they wanna feel empowered, hopefully, I’m clothing like that.

– You spend a lot of time in a fashion industry. Do you think it’s easy for beautiful woman to succeed in a modern society?

– I would like to think that people are noticed for the talents and for what they bring to the industry no what they look like, so, I would like to think like that’s true.

– Have you come across stereotypes at your work? If yes, how do you deal with that?

– I think that’s stereotypes are all over the world, in any industry you are in. I think that we as the brand like to look beyond that and go against the grain in many respects as a brand and also through the design what we do. So, of course we come across stereotypes but

it’s something that we don’t necessary need. To be honest, I do think that fashion industry does celebrate diversity, which is really great thing about the industry. That’s actually one thing what I do really love about industry.

– How will you describe a modern women in the fashion industry in? Has a change since you started a your career?

– I think it has changed a little bit, yeah. I think it’s this is a lot of more female creative directors now which is nice to see heading up big brands, which is really inspiring for a lot of female designers. It’s a nice thing to see, that you’ve got a lot of strong powerful women heading up big houses: Givenchy, Chanel, Dior, which is really great actually, more than it was!

– This always was your dream to be a designer, since you were child?

– Yeah, since I was a child. I grew up in Sydney, so it was very removed from Europe and Paris and London. It was a very different market but then even to what Australia is now set the fashion industry in generous especially at a luxury level was very removed from Australian. So, growing up I had this incredible Vogue collection I would religiously read every single month and I had like every addition. But that’s all I wanted in the world was to be a designer and one day to have a show in Paris and all I would do is spend all my time with sketch and draped and do everything I can create. I did it out of love, but it was just when you want something and you have such a passion for it, you subconsciously take a steps to achieve this things, so I spend all my time creating, just because I loved it. So at twelve years old I think I’d created my first drawing. It was because I wanted to do it and nothing else.

– You’ve twelve years old and you had a first sketch?

– I think I sketched my first piece at 8 and I sketched my first full collection at twelve.

– So, we know that you are a big fan of Russia, tell to us, why?

– You know I love Russia because I for one have in Russia very differents and deep clients. I’ve had some of my fannest nights outs in Moscow. It’s a city that never really sleeps. Everyone says that about Moscow but when you go, you really don’t sleep and I just love the energy, I love this the elegance, this the richness, this the history. It’s just it’s so rich in culture, I love it. Just for me it’s really good energy, when I go there I am happy, I’m vibrant, I loved to go other experience the city and see all of my friends and my Russian friends there. It’s so much energy and such a lovely people, a strong women, it’s also one of the reasons why I love my Russian women. They’re very strong, they know what they like. I’m really enjoyed my visits that.

– Which is your favorite city in Russia?

– Moscow, yeah but I’m yet to visit St.Petersburg which I’m really dying to go and see so let see maybe I go that. I mean I like the historical side of Russia also maybe I’m gonna really interested to go St. Petersburg. Well, I can’t say because I’ve never been in St. Petersburg, I will be soon but for me Moscow. I have a southbound from

Moscow because I think I’ve just how many amazing moments there I’ve had in Moscow that kind of states with those memories.

- We Numero Russia enjoyed this interview with you we wish you all the best and we would like to ask what you would wish for Numero Russia team?

– Wish you a lot of love and success avois being a big supporter and we love the magazines.