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Ravil Salikhov, businessman, angel investor, co-founder @omg_link

In future success of almost every business will be determined by its ability to integrate technologies. And Fashion is no exception. Although this industry is one of the most traditional ones and hardly implements any innovations, this can’t be avoided. So we create OMG – a professional digital platform, uniting photographers, stylists, models, clients etc. Its main functions are: sharing information about market participants; identification (verification) of

this information, which is very important during digital transformation; and then helping all market participants build partnership and finally make work more effective.

For instance, Instagram “replaced” streets in modeling, and model agencies now search new

faces in the news feed by using tags, subscriptions etc. But there is another side of it: almost every girl sees herself a model in Instagram, and that turns Instagram scouting almost into street scouting. That’s why we create OMG – a professional platform for modeling. Existing tools of OMG platform let agencies make targeted search for girls’ pictures, which meet required model parameters and have potential in fashion career. OMG shortens physical distance between models and model agencies: a girl sends her portfolio from anywhere and a scout gets this portfolio immediately, if she meets the scout’s modeling requirements. OMG is an artificial

intelligence that will drastically change work environment and ecosystem in Fashion industry in