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I started my career in the model management in 1987, working for one of the most reputable agencies of that period. We represented most of the top models of the whole industry then.

I stopped my professional experience with them in September 2001 because of the daughter of former owner of that agency. We had different vision of future business development.

Brave project was born in November 2001, With the dream of a future in which a model management agency would be able to represent unique and successful talents, like a real boutique, a unique agency.

Over the years, the agency has grown in the fashion and communication industry, on a national as well as international level, proposing models that are known worldwide.

We find out, developed and propose throughout the world talented subjects that can match with a constantly changing market

What is the models agency of the future?

The agency that acknowledge the opinions of others, that work with open mind, that love what they do. that focus on researching and discovering unique people, able to anticipate and represent at their best the market trends of fashion and communication industries.

The agency that deeply know its relevant field, use the most advanced technologies to organize, coordinate and manage in perfect harmony the different phases of our business....just like we are!!!

Who is the model of the future?

Lately some so called “influencers” have been taking over some important position in the industry just because of the number of followers on social media, I think that this trend will change soon and will follow a more specific and also traditional way of deciding who should be a model and at which level. Model of the future will be the one that, apart from look and measurement, will be able to understand that they are entrepreneur themselves, taking under

serious consideration all the aspect of their person and career.

Who is the booker of the future?

Bookers should be able to look deeply into model potential, taking the right decision in terms of

development of model’s career, always looking for what’s best for the model before anything else. Booker should also have be a great public relation with clients and photographers, in order to monitor the different trends of the market, establishing a strong and reliable relationship that will help to promote models he represents. Booker should always remember that we work for models and we also work for clients, not vice versa!!!

What about castings? How they will work in the future?

People might think that with social media a lot of work/casting will be going through that, possible, but I still think that the traditional way will be more effective and safe. In fact, a lot of social media opportunities are either fake or dangerous in many ways and the “dear and old” direct way of contact between model agencies, clients and models will remain the safest and more precise.

The main skills for model to be successful in the future – are?

Again, a part from look and measurements, personality is very important and also what I

mentioned before, they have to understand that they are the entrepreneur of themselves. An entrepreneur, in order to have his/her company successful, should do everything to treat it well under any circumstances.