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Dear James, we are more than happy to have you as our expert. The main topic of the issue is blending It’s all about blending between the male and female fashion, fashion and art, digital and real, what do you think about it in general?

– It’s always about blending and I think within our collection we can use some ideas for both genders and mix two ideas to create a strong vision for both. I always liked the idea of different clothes being in one wardrobe.

Can you clarify where this desire to blend comes from?

– Honestly I feel like it has always been there. There is no phenomenon. I mean people always wanted to play with gender, clothes, so that’s just an expression of freedom.

Each generation has its different exploration of how do genders mix and challenge each other. It’s just a way of getting freedom.

If already now we have all that freedom, what will be in 10 years? Can you predict what the future of fashion will look like?

– Normally fashion is based on some kind of cycles. I think it normally creates new in a different way. The revolution will come from the new designers.

As we know you work a lot with young fashion designers and photographers, models and others, do you think that the future is for generation Z or the mature experience will still lead?

– I think that magic comes with the experience and a new together. It’s a harmony of exchange. With the freedom of youth and the knowledge and given opportunities of


In your spring-summer collection 2020 we’ve seen a lot of pastel colors. Why did you choose exactly pastel colors?

– I wanted it to feel really soft and contrast and quite hard explore lights. They weren’t really pastel, maybe there slightly were some pastel but there were bright yellow, there was a lot of contrast in colors of that collection. Sometimes you choose the colors because you have to trust your instinct. Sometimes it is nothing more than what your instinct says.