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DESIGN EXPERT Franz-Josef Baur

- What do you think, can fashion live without art?

- When we talk about John Galliano or Alexander McQueen - this is real art! But when we talk, for example, about the Zara brand, this is just a copy of well-known brands. But the collection "Savage Beauty" by Alexander McQueen is truly delightful and priceless. So, it largely depends on the demonstration. For example, McQueen with Daphne Guinness or Lady Gaga’s work along with her fashion. For me, art and fashion are the same, if it comes from you rather than being copied.

But this question is out of scope. When you see art now, for example, Banksy, many people have a dissonance - what is art? And what is other? Everyone has different views and I think, fashion is art.

- Who is your favorite Russian artist?

- Good question. I think Wassily Kandinsky is simply incredible. I love the texture and the way he works with the picture. For me, he is one of the best.

- What is your motivation?

- It’s natural and it’s not about money - last thing that motivates me. I try to show my inner world. People who admire me and understand my work help me achieve success.

We decided to make a cool project together – that’s a great idea! And I am 100% supported - this is motivation.

- Which artist would you like to work with?

- I am open to everyone. You don't have to be a famous artist for this. Art should touch me. I'd like to do something with Banksy.

I have many interesting friends and fellow artists. I can cooperate with them, but only when everything happens by itself, because planning is not always perfect.

- What advice would you give to a novice artist?

- Believe in yourself. Sometimes you get discouraged and think that you are unhappy. You get this feeling of falling into a big black hole, but if you believe in yourself, you keep going.

Another tip - try everything! Send e-mails with proposals for cooperation, share your ideas. The right time will come, when your letter will be read by the right person and it will definitely work.

- We talked about the pandemic. Do you think it can cause stagnation in art for a while or, on the contrary, will give rise to a new genre?

- No, I think there is a lot of art now. I have musician friends who work very hard. Of course, there are problems right now with making concerts, but there is a lot of material that is waiting to be released.

To be honest, my most creative time in life was during the pandemic. I woke up and went straight to my studio, in no hurry. I didn't have to go out to lunch, meet people, run around town. In Spain, we could only go out within 50 meters of the house to walk animals. I am lucky to have two dogs. Neighbors kept coming up to me and asking if they could borrow them (laughs).

I had a lot of time to be creative. I think, creative designers now have a lot of stuff “in their pocket” for sure. Someday, all this will end, the borders will open and a really good time for art will begin!

- What does design mean to you?

- Design is something special that touches me to the depths of my soul with all my senses.

- How do you get creative ideas?

- It sounds funny, but they come when they want to. I live my life, travel a lot and meet different people, and suddenly some idea is born that I shudder, and I say - "here it is."

While working on a project, sometimes it happens that creativity is lost. When I start thinking about what to do, nothing works. So, everything should happen naturally, in my opinion. I drink coffee in the morning, look at the sea and think, "I want to do this."