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EXPERT BEAUTY Aurelia Liansbergaite

– Please, let us know how you career as a make up artist started? Why did you decide to choose this profession?

– Since my young age, I was obsessed by make up and fashion. I grow up working as a model, spent many years in fashion industry and couldn’t see myself leaving it. Once I graduated from high school I decided to study medical cosmetology and got a bachelor degree which allowed me to learn about skin care and discover the art of makeup. Then I continued to study makeup in a prestigious makeup school in Paris, where I started working on many projects.

– Why make up is important for women?

– I think that makeup is important for women to enhance them own beauty and feel confident about themselves. It helps to express different mood, style, feelings through the day and can be changed easily.

– Do you think make up changes a woman?

– I think makeup helps women to become the best version of themselves by being more confident for instance. However, it definitely doesn’t completely change a woman.

– If we think about modern woman, which make up she should wear?

– I always say that beautiful skin is the most important part of any makeup. When I think about modern women, it’s not an exception. Beautiful, natural looking and dewy skin with a statement detail- bold lipstick or eyeliner, to me is the perfect modern women makeup look.

– Red lipstick, why do we need it?

– Red lipstick always was and always will be classic. It gives women empowerment feeling, feminine glamour and strength. To have a red lipstick in your makeup bag is like having a little black dress in your closet.

– Which trends in make up are we going to see in this fall/winter season?

– This fall/winter we will see a beautifully glowing skin modernized by giving it a velvet touch or blurry edges. As well strong graphic eyeliners in various shapes. Top colors: deep reds, browns and black.

– What role the modern women play in our society?

– I think modern women has proven that traditional approach of women being only housewives and mothers are gone long time ago. Nowadays modern women are full members of society, having them influence in all areas. Becoming powerful and successful in the same fields as a men.

– Do you like to take decisions, or prefer to leave it for someone’s strong hands?

– I take in consideration opinions and advices of important people in my life, but I take my own decisions at the end. When working on a fashion or beauty project with a team, it is important to share the ideas and find compromises, that satisfies all the members.

– Aurelia, you like to create a very artistic editorials together with your team. Which one was the most impressive and memorable for you?

– The most memorable editorial was with super model Winnie Harlow. She is such an inspiring person and role model to modern women and girls. Stating that everyone is beautiful the way they are. It was such a pleasure to create beautiful work with a very special model. I hope that it gave inspiration and self confidence to readers as well.

– Creative make up – can modern woman use it in daily life?

– Creative makeup is an expression of art. I don’t think it should be worn out in daily life, but it should definitely give the inspiration for daily makeup. By looking at beauty- creative editorials women can pick the colors, shapes, textures that are trendy and can adapt it to everyday makeup look.

– What is your biggest dream?

– I have many dreams that are more like goals to reach. Mostly related to growing my career. Can’t think of only one but next one for sure is to adopt a dog.

– If not make up artist – who than would you like to be?

– Interior designer. It’s one of my passions, I am always obsessed and inspired by beautiful decor, interior details and architecture.

– What is your biggest life achievement?

– My career. All the way to get here is a very big achievement for me. And I am looking forward to what future will bring next.

– What inspires you?

– My biggest passion and inspiration is traveling. Every year I try to go to as many places I have never been to as possible. During those trips I get inspiration by different people, their cultures, arts, faces, way of living, colors, plants, architecture and any unexpected details I meet on the way.

– What would you wish for our #numerorussiateam?

– I wish to all the team to keep the great work with Numero magazine and strength to manage the tough situations through the way and to deliver the best artistic issues.