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Evgenia Obraztsova

For me, a holiday is a day spent with my family, away from noisy places.

If I’ve lived my life anew, I wouldn’t change anything, because I am very pleased with the experience that life gave me, and I am very grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to make mistakes and correct them. And I am very glad that it was in such an experimental way that I achieved what I achieved.

The main rest is a rest from ballet, it is a physical rest. It’s elementary to stay home, lie down, stay a bit in silence, do nothing with your body, and don’t force it. This is for me a vacation, not to mention the sea, pool and more, massages, baths. It’s enough for me not to move. Here is my main vacation.

And there are no holidays for me, because artists work on holidays. Artists rest when everyone is working. For me, there are no calendar holidays, for me there are my own, family holidays: if you can relax, it’s a holiday.

I don’t know how other successful and hardworking people celebrate, personally I don’t celebrate holidays at all. For me, a holiday is a day spent with my family, away from noisy places. I love Orthodox holidays, especially Christmas. For me, this is such a bright, warm moment when you can stay with your family and introduce children to the church and faith, take the time for the spiritual, important, to separate a little from the bustle of the world. Of course, I love Easter, because it is a «holiday of holidays.» Perhaps this is for me the main holidays. And when I can spend them with children and family - this is generally wonderful.