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Evgenia Legkodymova

Diffculties are a great opportunity to gain experience that is priceless.

My path to success was very challenging. By the way, this path still goes. I’ve dreamed of becoming a fashion designer from the very childhood, made every e ort to ful ll this dream and never regretted that one day I decided to move to a huge, unfamiliar Moscow with three hundred dollars and start from scratch. Later on, all the accumulated experience turned into a «joker» and played into the hands. Overcoming di culties and barriers is the best thing that may happen to us.

Diffculties are a great opportunity to gain experience that is priceless. The more experience and knowledge you have, the more di culties you will be able to overcome in the future. It tones you up, hardens you and keeps you focused.

But sometimes you need to relax. For me, the best rest is a change of occupation. I am fond of photography, I try to be active on social media.

A separate passion is for books, but my mind is constantly being distracted by work, so I leave the books for later. I like to paint, it’s a separate world. By the way, all these classes are an excellent preparation base for the next collection, as a rule, so it happens. I am inspired by certain book heroines, owers, photographs, and then it becomes the basis for subsequent design work. And there are other holidays - I just love New Year’s Eve! This is the only holiday that is shrouded in mystery, magic, miracles - this atmosphere is the most inexpressible. For many years I celebrated this holiday on di erent continents and in di erent countries, but in Russia it is the most solemn and magical.