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Eugenia Turikova

Woman needs an innate mind and talent to succeed. If you add ambition and willingness to work, the success is ensure.

Woman needs an innate mind and talent to succeed. If you add ambition and willingness to work, the success is ensure. It’s important to have a proper assessment of your own abilities. Successful women often underestimate themselves, afraid to move forward. And in my opinion, this inner uncertainty is the main stop factor for the next step. In Russia, there are quite a lot of women among top managers of companies, and even more in comparison to European countries. But not on the head positions. When they reach a certain level, they stop. But there are others, who want everything at once. Adequate assessment of yourself, your level and potential are the keys to success.

If success means a certain amount of money, it is easier for men to succeed, because the world of money is traditionally male. And if success means inner comfort and harmony, then it is easier for women to succeed. Men are never enough, they want to be faster, higher, stronger. Women are more inclined to understand themselves, to live here and now, and to rejoice at what they have, not to be upset by what they don’t have.

I don’t think woman owes anything to anybody. And I don’t see anything wrong with a woman depending on a man, and I’m not talking only about the material side of the issue, but also about emotional support. It’s always nice to have a strong male shoulder around. It is good when women are «behind the husband», it makes her stronger. But I think that it is important for a woman to be a person, to have her own life, an opportunity for development and realization, and not to dissolve completely in the life of a man. There are women – «plus one», and there are some – independent units. If woman is «plus one», her world will collapse as soon as man disappears from it.

Now we are actively working on the so-called women’s index. This is a set of European companies, which are managed by a large percentage of women. The female factor is an additional selection criterion. Analyzing the pro tability of these shares, we have seen, that companies with a higher percentage of women in management are more nancially e cient. Personally, this topic is very close to me, I believe in the talent and abilities of women, and the work on this project gives me real pleasure. I can rightfully say that women’s index is my creation.