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Elena Vodorezova

Woman should always remember what her goal is, and go toward her aim nonstop.

It seems to me that the main thing for a woman is self-confidence, professionality , and of course the ability to defend own opinion always. But amid the reluctance of success, everything fades. If a woman doesn’t know what she wants and doesn’t strive for it, she is unlikely to achieve anything. And in modern conditions, in this case, the chances of success of men and women are equal. And even if a woman has only beauty, and nothing more, in the light of existing stereotypes, this is unlikely to help her. She should at least try to succeed, set new goals and move forward. But it’s important not to forget about yourself. This is exactly what can become a problem for the next generation - to maintain identity. #NUMERORUSSIA #NUMERORUSSIAGIRL #ELENAVODOREZOVA