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#NUMERORUSSIADIGITALFASHION 006 Daria Matkova "Sovietsky" by Ämr Ezzeldinn


Photographer Ämr Ezzeldinn 

Production Wasl Agency

Model Daria Matkova


Suit Saint Laurent

Necklace Hayden

Total look Saint Laurent

Numero Russia: Daria, You told that in childhood you weren’t very beautiful. Now that you are quite successful in the modeling business, where everything depends on your appearance. Do you think that in our world beauty is the most important thing?

Daria: As a child, I felt like an ugly duckling. At 12 years old, my height was 182 cm, the same as now. I felt myself ugly, awkward and too thin. Now people don’t believe in my passport this is the photo of me, because my face has changed since I was 13 years old. Border guards even wonder sometimes what kind of plastic surgery I did. Maybe they want a surgeon's phone number, but, I can’t help, sorry.

In our industry, appearance is one of the most important factors of success, but just beauty is not enough. If the model doesn’t have charisma, education and individuality, she has zero chances of a successful career.

Total look Chanel Vintage

Daria: Do I think that beauty is the main thing of a person in general? Of course not. Beauty passes, like everything else, and, ultimately, what matters is what kind of person you were, did you do something good in your life and were you living happily.

Dress Chor Vintage

Shoes Stuart Weitzman

Numero Russia: Does socially approved appearance give benefits in society and career?

Daria: I think that it would be strange to deny it. There were a lot of research on this subject.

I am grateful that modeling allows me to live in different countries and communicate with interesting people. This is an excellent platform for building a future life in any country, expanding horizons and making money.

Chocker Hayden

Lingerie La Perla

Numero Russia: You said that, by expressing your opinion you can offend someone. Still, what is more important, freedom of speech or the desire to please everyone?

Daria: If you are talking about that post on Instagram, it was sarcasm. I am for the freedom of speech and for the freedom of the individuality. Life is too short to worry about opinion of others.

Numero Russia: You are quite active on instagram, how does Instagram and other social networks help in your career?

Daria: When a client chooses a model for a shoot, he always checks her Instagram profile. Look at the story to see how she looks without studio lighting and professional makeup. They want to understand what kind of person she is. Does she eat meat, do sports, wear fur, and post photos with alcohol. This all can affect whether they take the model or not, as she will be representing the brand and its ideology. It is important that she fits into the concept of the project.

Earrings Hayden

Dress Chanel Vintage

Beaty Chanel

Numero Russia: You often write about music and what you listen to. What does music give you?

Daria: When I was 15-16 years old, I was fond of extreme music genres. I loved thrash metal, groove, sludge, stoner and Norwegian black metal. My favorite bands back then were Pantera, Megadeth, Acid Bath, Electric Wizard.

I think this music balanced me and helped me cope with teenage problems. Classmates didn’t understand my hobby, but I found myself in a musical underground gang, where I met my first love. He was the vocalist of the grindcore band and broke my heart, but that's another story.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of fusion jazz, eclecticism and 70s rock. More recently, I started to like American hip-hop of 90s. It’s great to walk through Brooklyn while listening to this music.

Numero Russia: More often you talk about movies. What 3 movies everyone should watch?

Daria: Most likely, everyone has seen it, but if not, then it is worth watching The Pianist, Blood Diamond and Les Choristers. Each of these films addresses an important social issue.

Choker Hayden

Numero Russia: Once we have started talking about art. What is your relationship with it in general?