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Photographer: Manny Roman

Art Director & Producer: Ilaria Niccolini @FTL MODA

Co-Producer: Cory Couture Productions

Styling: Aleksandra Markovic

Talents: J Balvin and Leslie Grace

Stylist Assistants: Victoria Schepakina, Natalia Chagas

Photo Assistant: Gabriel Rivera

Producer Assistants: Lauren Ann, Mimi Wade @FTL MODA

Special thanks to Intercontinental Hotel NYC

Shirt top Fila

Blazer Yirko Sivirich

Swimsuit Agent Provocateur

Numero Russia: They say if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere. How did growing up in New York City make you a stronger person?

Leslie: I believe that New York is a special place. It truly is a melting pot of cultures and beliefs and arts. Growing up in New York allowed me to learn from so many different people at a young age. I had my family, my siblings and cousins who for the most part lived in different boroughs, and then all the ladies who’d walk into my mom’s salon, all with different stories to tell. New York taught me to be a people person and the value in all kinds of people. I also moved back here to work on In the Heights the film with the director Jon Chu of Crazy Rich Asians and that has taught me a bunch. If there’s still  time to include feel free to!

Leslie wears:

Sweatshirt Tommy Hilfiger

Pants Setre

Bag Versace

Ring Arme De L'Amour

J Balvin wears:

Shirt Hardcore Fashion

Numero Russia: Your family is obviously such an important part of your life.  How have they helped you in your journey to fame?

Leslie: My family has been an integral part in my career. They are my team and have always been. I can’t think of a moment when my family hasn’t supported me, emotionally and physically, throughout this endeavor. My mom, sister, and aunt make up my glam squad and my dad is my road manager. Before there was anything to manage, they were there sacrificing a billion and one things for me. They set the bar for the rest of my team which only blood could bring us closer. It’s a family affair!

Oversized blazer Redemption

Earrings Jovana Djuric

Numero Russia: Living in this world full of face tune, plastic surgery, fake tans, and filters you seem to be a very naturally beautiful human inside and out. What helps you stay true to yourself?

Leslie: I think it’s damaging to our self esteem and to those we impact as people of influence to hide all we are. I understand the norms of beauty and aesthetics but the older I get, I’m realizing how subjective beauty truly is. Confidence is really what we are missing. We are all beautiful in different ways. It’s the confidence or lack thereof with which we carry that distinct, one of a kind beauty that makes a difference. And for me, that means showing my true self as often as I can and becoming more and more comfortable with that.