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DESIGN EXPERT Polina Kitsenko

Women are lack of faith in themselves and their abilities. Many say that it is more difficult for woman in the profession, that there is some kind of discrimination. I can say that in my life I’ve never felt anything like this, because I just think that it doesn’t exist and I’ve never encountered such life challenges on my life path. All that I have invested in my work is realized. I believe

that if we want something, we will certainly achieve it. Because the Universe itself begins to help us, and the more energy you spend, more the power of thought helps you.

I believe that in the 21st century, women should look less for the reasons why something doesn’t work out for them, probably not only women, but people shouldn’t look for reasons at all, but find a spark to do something. All that you want you’re able to have.

I believe that nature has endowed us so much. Women in particular: we have such a rich toolkit besides our brains, souls, or emotional apparatus. We are so generously physically and emotionally gifted, and to refuse this in order to equate ourselves with men, it seems to me that it’s not right. Our strength is that we are women, and we can use our female apparatus, our human and female charm, multiplying this by strength and intelligence, by professional skills. I believe that this gives a lot more opportunities for a woman than